Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Berry Time!

Most years at this time I'm happy that there are so many ornamental berry-producing plants in my garden.  Here are a few that have caught my eye recently.  You'll note that the Pernettya mucronata, one of my favorites  is absent from this post.  It had grown quite large and hadn't been pruned properly so it got a big chop from which it's recovering nicely but alas, no fruit this season. 


I'm guessing that this bird-planted thing is Cotoneaster franchettii

One of my favorites this time of year is Euonymus europaeus.  The rest of the growing season, it's just a heap of green.

Speaking of plants that are pretty much a snooze most of the year but that I am glad to have around in the fall - Callicarpa 'Profusion.'

Iris foetidissima

 Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon'


 Leycesteria formosa

Arum italicum

 Phytolacca americana

 Clerodendrum trichotomum

The rain finally let up yesterday and it was wonderful to feel the sun again.  Hopefully I'll be able to plant bulbs on Saturday even though there is supposed to be rain all day.  In the pacific northwest, sometimes we just have to tug on the rubber boots and work wet. 

Happy weekend!


  1. Incredible display! I've never seen a cottoneaster like that. And my Euronymous europaeus is in too much shade to do much. Now I am frustrated to see what I am missing. I've always known that I really didn't have much going on in the way of berries, but I am abashed and inspired to see what you have.

  2. I don't have as many berries as you, but I do have Leycesteria, one of my favorites. Something (possibly the raccoons) stripped and ate all the berries off my Arum italicum, which is weird, because I thought they were caustic. I'm glad for our recent let-up in the rain, I'm getting more plants in the ground. I'm waiting on an order of bulbs to get started on bulb planting.

  3. Berry lovely! I'm especially enamored of the Leycesteria formosa...if only my garden were larger...

  4. You have a grand collection of berries. I covet the Callicarpa but a good scouring of the local garden centers has yet to yield any of these plants. I have a bird-planted Cotoneaster of my own but your photo has made me very nervous about just how big it may get.

  5. I remember your Clerodendrum trichotomum from last year, what a stunner it is. Happy (wet) bulb planting!

  6. I agree: The berries make this time of year so interesting! I hope to add a few Beautyberry shrubs to the garden next spring. They're so unique and native North American!

  7. What a surprise! The range of plants you can squeeze into your garden is amazing and I love that there is even a little room for self-sown surprises.
    I love the orange best of all. Those branches do not look easy to photograph, great photo!

  8. I picked a few of our purple Callicarpa berries for an "In a vase on Saturday" arrangement today. We moved it last year to a spot where it gets more sun, and it is berry happy now.
    I saw robins on one of our cotoneasters today, so I fear the berries will soon be stripped around our yard.

  9. You have a wonderful selection of berries for your birds to enjoy over the winter, they must be very happy in your garden!We too have to just put up with the rain and carry on, most of my bulbs are in now, just a few more to plant.

  10. What a wonderful colorful display. The berries of Iris foetidissima are by far the most exciting feature of this Iris. The Phytolacca americana berries are extremely striking with the fluorescent pink stems against the chartreuse background; I love that shot.
    Has your garden gloves and shoes dried since the last muddy experience? Getting hit in the head and stung by hornets... Do be carful :-)

  11. Truly you have a treasure in autumn berries. Hard to say which are the most beautiful. Cotoneaster, Beautyberry, Pyracantha, all wonderful. And Phytolacca americana - is that the same thing as Pokeweed?

  12. Berry beautiful! Those pyracantha thorns look brutal! I hope to see you at the Fling! :o)

  13. Thank goodness for berries to give such wonderful color in the garden! You have some very striking ones. I keep shoeing the robins away from my winterberry plants - I'm determined to have them at least last until Christmas!


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