Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

In a Vase on Monday - Just One Flower

Late June is probably not the best time to prune things but it's when time allows so it's when it gets done.  I'm an outlaw after all.  Much as I enjoy having a sizable Calycanthus chinensis shrub, it does like to sprawl and cast quite a bit of shade on other plants.  I've considered removing it but every year, it charms me with lovely blooms.  Anyway, pruning meant flowers to bring inside. 

The title may be misleading, there's more than one individual but only one type of flower.

From spherical buds, the blooms begin to open pink, shifting quickly to pinky white.

Calycanthus chinensis  was crossed with our native Calycanthus floridus (Carolina Allspice, Eastern Sweetshrub)  to create Calycanthus × raulstonii 'Hartlage Wine.' 

An interesting article about Calycanthus by Dan Hinkley can be found here

The stems are a bit floppy but with a little encouragement, they cooperated.

A few leaves from the same shrub fill in the back while some native Bleeding Heart foliage is in the middle and sides. Notice those cute round buds.

 After that, there were still more blooms so they got floated in a cobalt bowl. 

Interestingly, the floated buds opened the next day.  

The cobalt bowl got placed inside a brass-looking thingy that came from Watson's after holiday deeply discounted table.  The original picture showed the bottom but also a nice family of dust bunnies on the floor so that part was cropped out.  (Much easier than sweeping, vacuuming, or dusting, right?

Many thanks to  Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this addictive meme.  Click over to her blog to see what other bloggers have brought inside to enjoy this week.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Discovering Sunnyside Nursery

After attending Sorticulture, Everett's  garden arts festival a couple of weekends ago, I decided to ask the lady in the phone if there were any new-to-me nurseries in the area and up popped Sunnyside Nursery only a few minutes away.  What a delightful surprise to find this huge gem of a  nursery bursting with plants. (It's June after all.)

A sunny day draws gardeners to nurseries!

A green thumb almost came home with me!

Rusty metal  fire pits with amazing cutwork.

Very tempted by this one.

The other side of the above sphere.  Too bad there's no space in my garden for this.

Acers and evergreens.  Yes, we're definitely in the Pacific Northwest!

It had rained before the sun took over the sky, a perfect combination to carry fragrance.  Roses charmed my nose from a distance luring me closer.

'Violet's Pride'

'Frida Kahlo'

Scentless 'Betty Boop' is a favorite in my garden because it blooms in what's become a crowded shady location.

Too many thorny beauties to share them all so we'll move on after 'Julia Child.'

This place is delightfully large and like gardens that thrill me, it reveals itself little by little.

Surprises around every corner. 

However, it's still very well organized. 

The people working here were extremely friendly, helpful, and seemed to know and enjoy plants making the experience of this spectacular nursery even more special.


Sand dollar stepping stones. 

Impressive sarracenia garden.  Like everything here, it's very well done. 

A little tenderness.

A nice young woman kept patting the opuntias with her hand and telling her friend how cute they are, how much she loved them.  Sometimes love hurts as she was sure to find out in a few minutes.

The geranium (Pelargonium) house.  There was also half of a house devoted to tuberous begonias,  and they even had the old-fashioned varieties of which I'm fond.

An explosion of seasonal color.  Would you call this an annual event?

Popcorn Cassia (Cassia didymobotrya) did smell a bit like popcorn. 

Colorful coleus.

Cordyline 'Electric Star'

In the mood for some grass?

Clever signage! 

Undoubtedly planted for winter, this container still looks marvelous. 

Acer palmatum 'Radiant'  with it's red branches and lovely leaf colors made it into my cart.  (It was only in a gallon pot.  Someone has too many little trees in pots.)

Somehow, Monrovia has gotten Hosta 'Curly Fries' to bulk up.  Many folks have reported that this one hasn't gotten much fuller for them over a few years.  I wonder what the secret to success is?

Magnolia macrophylla planted in the ground is always a good thing. 

Speaking of fabulous plants in the ground, check out the tree ferns looking like they took winter in stride in this sheltered location.

Finding a new nursery is always fun but when that nursery is as stellar as this one, the experience becomes a special joy.  I was surprised to find that I'd spent two hours here taking it all in.  If you're ever in the area, this is a nursery not to miss!
Happy weekend and happy gardening.