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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

For a Good Time, Call Alison Part One; Barone Garden

On Saturday night, I stopped by the gas station near my house to fuel up for the week and a large flat bed truck pulled up behind me marked "Barone." The bed of the truck was empty but I recognized the driver from a recent visit, with my pal Alison, to Barone Garden .  The driver, with whom I had a nice chat, assured me that they are happy to deliver just about anywhere in the Puget Sound region.  I'm seeing these pictures with fresh eyes since I'm no longer limited to what would squeeze into the plant mobile.

Barone has one of the largest collections of garden decor in the area and it's always a joy to see their ever-changing inventory.

A hydrant for every dog!

By the way, in case you haven't heard, Fleur de lis garden statuary in Seattle will be closing by the end of December as they haven't found another location.  Everything in stock is now 50% off.   Back to Barone - There's something for every garden style.

Granite spheres

Bridges large and small

Jurassic Park?

The selection of fountains and bird baths is unrivaled.  Amusing bird bath.

Not really my style but gorgeous outdoor fireplace.

Oh those metallic gold pots.

One of these hose pots almost came home with me.  Wouldn't one look awesome with a large agave growing in it?

If there were only space in my bamboo grove for one of these, it might have jumped into the car. 

"Hare Rising"  or hare raising?


I'd not seen this take on the Gunnera-leaf fountain before.

What would you put in those holes?  Succulents come immediately to mind. 

Stepping stones 

Handsome German Shepherds.

I love these natural-looking water catchers and I'd imagine that the birds are fairly fond of them as well.

Both Alison and I fell hard for this gorgeous pot.  It would have jumped in the car immediately if it weren't so large and I could think of a place for it in my garden.

The price was very reasonable.  Alison may go back for this later. 


Someone's got a big head!

Appealing simple lines.

Even a nice selection of steel planters. 

Faux stone fire pit surround. 

This guy's not amused. 

Most of the fountains were in part sun/part shadow and were difficult to photograph.  There were hundreds of different styles.

So much to think about. 

This lady, who looks like she could be a fragment of a fancy historic building facade, did jump into the plant mobile.
Alison also found something special but we'll have to watch her blog to see if she posts about it.  Stay tuned for more from our fun day of garden shopping.


  1. I'll take some of those granite balls and the stone bird bath. You do know how dangerous this delivery option could be . . .

  2. That place must be huge! It will be fun to see what you have delivered...

  3. There is something for everyone at Baron's. I love the natural stone bird bath. The hare and catfish on the other hand...
    I'm sad to hear Fleur de lis is going out of business. Does that mean another apartment building in Fremont?

  4. I am enraptured! what a wonderful place! and so many beautiful things, the bird bath is a wonder, absolutely wonderful. I'd buy it without hesitation!

  5. I don't remember even seeing the catfish or the hare! That is the best place. I still want that pot, but I don't know if I'm going to get back there to buy it. I want to see what Fleur de lis has for sale.

  6. Why is this place even more fun through your lens than when we were there in person in August?

  7. It's wonderful to watch you shop; I have lots of fun without spending a penny!

  8. Uh oh! Perhaps you should have asked the Barone driver what they charge for delivery - that might keep you daydreams in check. I do love that natural-looking water catcher but, in the absence of rain, I guess it'd be silly investment here.

  9. So many interesting things. I just tell myself I have saved money by not living where such goodies are available.

  10. There’s one or two items there I could easily pick up for myself given the chance!

  11. What a fun place! I would go for that vertebraean bird bath, and a few of those granite balls, for sure! I think you need one of those large pots for at least one of your agaves.

  12. Going virtual shopping with you and Alison is almost as good as being there in person! What a vast array of garden accessories, I have never seen so many in one place. I love your purchase and look forward to seeing what Alison bought, too.

  13. So many wonderful things, I'd have a hard time leaving without ordering a truck full! I love your purchase, she's wonderful!


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