Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2019 Sneak Preview

For today's Wednesday Vignette, hosted by Anna at Flutter and Hum, I'm sharing a few (whittled down from 450) views of the 2019 Northwest Flower and Garden Festival (Show) "Gardens of the World."  These are just the larger gardens.  There is still so much to explore at the show including one of my favorites, the Urban Living gardens on the skybridge, the floral competition, Ikebana show, and vendors, oh so many vendors. 

"Embracing the theme of this year's festival, the Northwest's top landscape design firms are taking you on an around-the-world journey through their impressive gardens. From the British Isles to India, Italy to Asia - and closer to home - this year's line-up of gardens is sure to inspire festival goers with their creativity and practical ideas that you can incorporate into your own garden!"

Flower Growers of Puget Sound "Flora Across the World" in the foyer.  It's become a tradition that FGPS fills this entry space with fabulous, locally-grown plants to welcome visitors to the show.

The number of plants, rock, and soil brought in for the show is staggering. 

Northwest Flower & Garden Festival Theme Garden "Celtic Travels; Hibernia to Caledonia"

"Hike up your woolen kilt hose and roam through a highlands landscape in a fanciful trip from Ireland to Scotland.  You'll be transported into the lands of castles, wild coastlines and legendary poets in this visual journey.  Your eyes are drawn to a large stone portal recelling fields of heather and thyme dotted with stone."

 Elandan Gardens "Asian Sensibilities, Northwest Style" 

Adam Gorski Landscapes, Inc. "Escape to the Mountains"

During the preview, the gardens are still in process.  When you attend the show, you'll see the finished products.

Fancy Fronds Nursery "Imagining Ireland: Myth, Magic and Mystery"

 Fancy Plants Gardens, Inc./Susan Browne Landscape Design "Alpenhaus - Switzerland and Germany"

A working cuckoo clock and moving Swiss army knife.  

Don't cry over spilled milk.

Redwood Builders LLC, Landscaping "Taoist Myth: The Isles of the Blest" 
This Japanese-style garden is a representation of Taoist myth, "Isles of the Blest," which has influenced Chinese and Japanese followers for centuries.  Legend has it that somewhere far, far east of the Chinese coastline, inhabitants of five islands had attained immortality and lived together in perfect harmony.

Washington Park Arboretum "Under the Mediterranean Sun"

West Seattle Nursery "Patterns of Peace on Earth"

"Though this part of the world may not be represented often in garden shows, Ghana is known for its lush forests, miles of sandy beaches and beautiful architecture.   Houseplants are used extensively to represent tropical varieties found outdoors in Ghana."

 Folia Horticultural + Design  "notting Hill Modern English Garden" 

Nature Perfect Landscape & Design "Mystic Garden"

"Mystery surrounds this stylized Chinese garden, a quiet 'poet's garden' but also a place for exuberant celebrations. "

Dragon carved from a piece of driftwood.

Only an hour left before the floor had to be cleared for judging and teams frantically add finishing touches.

Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association "Solera Wine Garden" 

Love this piece!

Northwest Orchid Society "Orchids in Balance"
"China's fabled Li River Valley is known for its dramatic topography, including towering, near-vertical sandstone karsts.  It's also home to innumerable varieties of orchids, and in this garden you'll find hundreds of floring orchids grown by members of the Northwest Orchid Society."

 40 minutes until judging.

Dakara Landscape Design "The Lost Gardens of Heligan"
"This is a tribute to a genuine garden, one of the most mysterious and romantic gardens in England.  Created from the mid 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the spectacular gardens spanned a thousand acres, but become overgrown and 'lost' following World War 1.  Restoration of this natural beauty began in the 1990's, and today "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" is one of the most popular botanical gardens in the UK. 

Corona Tools and Hartley Botanical "Victoria Villa"

For a mere $40,000. this greenhouse, complete with the pergola attachment could be delivered to your door.

NW Bloom - Ecological Services "Herban Sanctuary" 

"Though the backdrop is one of futuristic decay, this is a place of regrowth and regeneration.  You're stepping into the year 2050..."

 Puget Sound Conservation Districts "Better Ground"

"We're fortunate to live in one of the world's most spectacular regions, framed by snow-capped mountains and the Salish Sea.  We're also home to diverse and delicate ecosystems, and this garden stresses the importance of protecting these environments."

So refreshing to see leaves on the ground, just like in my own garden. 

Treeline Designz  "Shalimar"   
"Your journey takes you half a world away, and your destination is known for its centuries-old marble palaces and ornate mosques.  It's inspired by the famed gardens of Shalimar in LaHore, Pakistan.  Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, these splendid gardens were laid out as a Persian paradise garden.  Constructed in 1641, they are a representation of an earthly utopia where humans co-exist in perfect harmony with all elements of nature."

Little Prince of Oregon Nursery "The World at Your Feet"

Everyone instantly lusted after this sempervivum.  However, Little Prince does not yet have enough to release them to nurseries so we'll have to wait.

We did notice a few small offsets and it was tempting to help clean those up to make the display tidier of course. 

Designs by deLeuw "Orto di Casa"

"Italy's Chianti Valley is your destination...in the heart of old Tuscany."

Others will certainly be posting images of the finished gardens but I hope this preview encourages you to go see them in person.  The show opens today and runs through Sunday.  Will I see you there?