Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Time for a Sunny Saturday Nursery Field Trip: Bremerton City Nursery

To avoid actually working in my garden on Saturday, I jumped in the car and drove west to visit a couple of nurseries on the Kitsap Peninsula.  Today, let's stroll around Bremerton City Nursery.

The colorful Euphrobia 'Ascot Rainbow' is at it's best this time of year. 

Tiny Narcissus 'Tet a tete Boucle' is kind of sweet.

Anemones always look so good in nurseries but someone usually forgets to include them in his fall bulb orders. 

Some people have tidy lists of plants they'd like to try, even nice pages on their blogs. Someone you may know has random-sized and colored post-it notes stuck to the side of his computer desk.  These are mixed with notes containing the botanical names of a few plants that I already have but can never recall.  Anyway, a few years ago I read some author's work about fragrant plants.  Cistus 'Blanche' was a favorite for the ressionous fragrance of the leaves.  I made a note and added it to the collage.  What a nice surprise to find the very Cistus I'd searched for so many years ago.   The leaves did have a pleasant fragrance but  where would I put another shrub?    I may regret not bringing one home but there were quite a few still at the nursery so who knows.

Primula vulgaris  delivers a good dose of riotous warm color that's just the thing for some spring zing.

The perennial area will have filled out quite a bit with our recent few days with  temperatures near 80 degrees.

Pink new growth of Thymus vulgaris 'Silver Posie' 

No nursery is complete without a friendly greeter!

Ah, citrus in bloom. 

Time to stock up on tender succulents if you didn't winter them over inside. 

"There's always an Agave."

Did I remember to take a picture of the tag so I'd be able to tell you which Alocasia this is?  Nope but it's visually stunning even without a name.

Here's what hitched a ride with me. The oxalis and some of the primroses are to give to the paraeducators in my program  but the succulents are for me. 


  1. For some reason, I'm very fond of Rock Rose shrubs. I thought of the city's curve renovation by your home, and wonder if there is room for Rock Rose out there, once the project is completed. Almost 20 years and over 200 bulbs later, I conclude that the only reliable blooming daffodil in my garden is 'Tet-a-tete'.

  2. Bremerton is such a sweet little nursery. I've only stopped there once. Your nursery visit is making me itch to get out and plant shop, but I really need to work in the garden.

  3. Maybe you could start a business offering to select and deliver plants to wanna-be gardeners (for a fee of course and leaving the actual planting to your clients). Like the department stores' personal shoppers, only for plants...

  4. Is the grid of containers on the roof a rain collection system, or...?

    That's one spectacular elephant's ear! Fun to plan a fantasy tropical/water garden around it (there are a lot of coleuses that would echo both the chocolate and the chartreuse).

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  5. A nursery visit always raises the spirits, I've promised myself one for tomorrow. I have Cistus ladanifer which is white with maroon blotches. It has a strong resinous smell when the sun shines on it.

  6. It's good of you to bring gifts to the Paras. I was one for many years in my bookended teaching career.
    Nurseries look so good in the sunshine.

  7. The nursery season begins! That Alocasia really is stunning. I'd have been sorely tempted by that one.

  8. I can’t believe you guys got so much warmer than we did, I’m kinda jealous.

  9. Haha, everything was looking great but then you showed the racks of succulents, and that's when I thought to myself I would have broken down and picked something out. I had to laugh when I saw that's when you broke as well! They're so small how could you not?


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