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Friday, March 15, 2019

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day March 2019

How can it be the fifteenth of March already, time for GBBD and only five days from the official start of spring in the northern hemisphere?   It's the middle of the month already and Carol at May Dreams Gardens invites us all to post what's blooming in our gardens.  Thanks, Carol, for continuing to host this fun meme!  Click here to see more blooms from gardens all over the world.

What a winter it's been, warmest January, coldest and snowiest February, and colder than normal beginning of March.  Looks like more normal temperatures will be returning later this week thanks to a warm air mass from California.  (Are meteorologists implying that Californians are full of hot air?)  There's even talk of a daytime high of 65 on Sunday.  Swell!

Anyway, here's a bit of what's blooming in my zone 8 Western Washington state garden this month. (Everything from  last bloom day is still going except Iris reticulata and ceanothus which was mostly cut off in preparation for the street paving machinery.)

It's surprising how the inherited galanthus have spread all over the garden both by accident and on purpose.

Most of the hellebores have recovered from the weight of the snow but some are still lying down on the job. 

Here's a sampling of most of the varieties in my garden.

Camellia japonicas.

Cyclamen coum


Sorry for the bad picture but I was vibrating with excitement to see  daffodil blooms. 'Tête-à-tête' is always the first to open in my garden. 

Stachyurus praecox

Orchids and a few other things are still going inside while in the greenhouse, Clivias are taking center stage.
What's blooming in your neck of the woods on this last GBBD of winter?


  1. I still have not added any snowdrops and I want that cycalmen coun since reading about it in the O'Bryne's book. I am amazed that your daffodils are ahead of mine!

  2. Lots of beautiful flowers! Love the bowl of Hellebore blooms!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. They're saying we may be near 70 Sun-Tue...I am thrilled, gotta find my flip flops! Hope you get in some garden-time.

  4. I'm really excited by the warmer temperatures. I don't mind the cold but not in the middle of March! 'Tête-à-tête' has been blooming in my garden for a few weeks now, right through the snow of February: tough little guys. The rest of the garden is still rather sleepy.

  5. I've been away for a week so I haven't had a chance to see what's currently blooming in my own garden. I'm very jealous of your mature clumps of Crocus and Galanthus. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. The first blooming daffodils get me in a tizzy too. :-)

  7. You must be so excited dear Peter to see all of this colorful beauty starting to burst forth in your gardens. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.


  8. What a nice little patch of snowdrops Peter..and between you and Loree my Hellebore envy is in overdrive I have several but most are clearly not fancy enough...I'm on a mission.

    Happy Bloom Day !

  9. Your snowdrops are as impressive as any of the displays I've seen in UK gardens, where snowdrops appear to be objects of worship. I envy you the Clivia, which I've yet to get to bloom in my current garden, and of course the hellebores. Blowing hot air your way! (Nearby Torrance reached 82F this afternoon, leading me to discover that my car's AC is on the blink.)

  10. Love your bowl of hellebores, what a wonderful variety you have. Enjoy your warmer weather!

  11. Your lux Clivia blossoms are inciting my envy, as mine are NOT blooming now - right when I need them the most. Perhaps it's time to divide mine, as I have threatened to do for several years now. Happy Bloom Day, Peter!!

  12. Those temperatures sound perfect, almost downright hot considering what you've had to deal with this winter (although apparently not as hot-hot as Mumbai!)
    Love seeing the camellias and those hellebores are really something. We are still a few weeks away from hellebores but now I'm completely anxious to see my own come along!

  13. Wow! You have a lot going on in your garden and it looks like spring has sprung! I love the galanthus where it is and your hellebores and crocus are awesome! Happy almost official spring!

  14. What hellebore, Peter! I love your sampling, very pretty.
    Your clivia is a beauty, mine just finished blooming.
    Happy GBBD!

  15. Love how your Snowdrops have naturalized. And look at all those Crocuses!

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