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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring Arrived Early at the Seymour Conservatory

Last Saturday was my first day off in a couple of weeks and I'd planned to go to a plant sale, hurry home, and do lots of work in my garden.   The sky was clear and I woke up bright and early in plenty of time to get myself together and make the hour drive to the plant sale but just couldn't muster the energy to go to the sale when my garden is already packed with plants and various projects this year have been and will be causing plant trampling, cutting, etc.  Instead I lay on the couch and  played the "Just One More Show" game for most of the day, binge watching a series on Netflix.  By three in the afternoon, I became disgusted with myself for wasting an entire day so decided that a walk was in order.  The Seymour Conservatory is a short distance from my place and it's always nice to visit a garden that always looks good with no effort on my part.

There's always color here and while there is a permanent collection, color-starved eyes tend to gravitate to the rotating displays  of blooming plants. 

The blooming displays are always lovely but I'd also like to see  wider use of more unusual plants.

However, the conservatory is partly dependent on contributions from visitors so planting schemes that appeal the largest number of people is wise.  There is a current push to make the conservatory more of an event space and a whole swath of the tropical section was recently removed to make way for the addition of restrooms, the first phase of an expansion. 

There are always orchids blooming.

Not sure which bromeliad this is but isn't the bloom gorgeous?

Tillandsias tucked in here and there. 

A fun fantasy garden and an early view of some of the blooms that will be gracing our own gardens in a few weeks.

I forgot to look up while inside but noticed this as I walked around behind the building.  Is that a callistemon blooming way up there? 
Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of "Crave: An Early Glimpse of Spring"  To learn more about the rotating floral displays at the conservatory, click  here.


  1. The most exciting part of this post was learning that you occasionally take a day off and lay on the couch. I never would have imagined with your long list of jobs and hobbies and that not low maintenance garden!

  2. It's definitely okay to veg out every now and again, the trick is not to feel guilty about it :-D
    I'm struck by how much I love the white tulips. I purchase some from an online heirloom site and was so pleased I bought more the following year. I'm not a huge fan of white, but this early in the season, with mostly gray sky, they really stands out in the garden. Love the Callistemon in the back. Good catch!

  3. Your deserve some time to just goof-off. I hope the conservatory makes room for more innovative plant selections somewhere. It's hard not to question the logic of public garden directors sometimes. I'm currently scratching my head at my local botanic garden's decision to remove its gift shop to make room for office space.

  4. That does look like Spring! It is beautiful. I am glad you were able to get out and visit this. After all the winter it is so nice to finally see some flowers blooming!

  5. Lucky you having a conservatory within walking distance. It was good for you to get out and stretch. Not so good fussing at yourself about taking the day off. You deserve a whole day off!!

  6. As the saying goes, "All work and no play..." Glad you gave yourself a day of rest and rejuvenation. The displays at the conservatory are bright and cheering after the long winter.

  7. The Seymour is a treasure. Lucky you to have it in your neighborhood.

  8. Lovely to have a conservatory near you and great to see so much colour. But these are mostly plants that will bloom outside shortly anyway.It seems rather a waste of a chance to grow more unusual plants. And restrooms? Is that an American euphemism for public lavatories or is it a place to go and lie down? Either seems a wate of lovely plant space.
    We have been stuck inside hiding from high winds all this week so lovely to see some spring colour.

  9. I see nothing wrong with a little slothfulness now and then. I'm sure after our cold weeks and snow it was very refreshing to see those flowers and bright colors. I was so happy while I was away to see blooming flowers.


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