Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Savage Plants

Not far from  Heronswood, Dragonfly Farms, and Windcliff is Savage Plants, a fun nursery full of great plants and garden art.  Like gardens, each nursery is a reflection of an individual passion or vision and it's always thrilling tour gardens of passionate gardeners and to observe the variety of ways purveyors of all things garden tempt and inspire us.  Here's a peek at Savage Plants.

Ribes sanguineum maybe 'King Edward VII' (Didn't check the label) Hummingbirds love this.  

Terrific garden art abounds at Savage!

Yes, moss is gorgeous, fog is ethereal, and this water feature is stunning but can we have some sunny warm weather already?

Rusty metal and polished stone bench.

This "ruin" always causes me to linger, appreciate the columns and wonder where they might fit in my garden.

Everything here is displayed with elegance and style. 

Rebar nest.

White is not my favorite pot color but this one, so smooth and shiny, displayed in front of the rough tree bark with the white edged foliage in the foreground is simply marvelous!  Context is everything.

Speaking of clever color placement...

Serious lust both for this piece and for a space large enough to display it.

Simple and effective rusty metal free standing panels. 

Bright yellow daffodils almost make up for the lack of sun.

And as Danger says, "There's always an agave.

Sometimes more!

Agave rustyshovelfolia

Darmera peltata

Crazy bird!

Can you guess from what material this quartet of Buddhas is made?

How about now?  Have you seen wooden Buddhas before?  

All geared up for spring.  Wait, that Black Mondo Grass...

is variegated! Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Edge of Night' was new to me so it had to jump into the plant mobile.  Kind of silly in retrospect because from a distance it looks like regular Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens.' Must find a way to display it at eye level so that I can ooh and aah over those green and white stripes. 

Ooh, what a great combination.  Must remember to steal this idea for my own garden. 

Inside the gift shop table after table overflowed with marvelous stuff.

Troll pot made by a local artist. 

These remind me of blogging pal Linda's clam digging adventure.  Are they laughing at her.  You just watch out, silly mollusks, Linda'll get you next time for sure!
Despite our unusually wet winter and cold spring, we're still very lucky to live in horticultural paradise with so many delightful nurseries in the region.  


  1. I'm always intrigued by the rusty metal garden art at Savage Plants. I'd love those big columns too, but not sure where I'd put them. I agree that the Ophiopogon needs to be at eye level to show it off best.

  2. I admit that my head is often turned by rusty metal objects and there was a LOT to love at Savage Plants. In this case, I think it's probably a good thing (at least for my pocketbook) that the nursery is a plane ride away. I can only imagine what the airline would say if I tried to carry one of those pieces home with me.

  3. From the nursery's name, I was prepared for lots of pitcher plant porn! This place is fantastic, thanks Peter. Love the rebar nest, the panels, the bench, and the pot in the color you don't like ;)

  4. Oh, that looks like a fun place! And they even have plants, too. :-)
    We are going out after those clams again in the early morning. We expect to be digging in the rain. I do hope the clams will not be laughing.

  5. Your visits to nurseries are always so inspiring! I really like the metal works at that place. Lately, our weather is very much like the Pacific Northwest. We've had a few warm, sunny days, but most during the past month have been cool (not cold) and overcast. The plants are happy, though. :)

  6. Ha ha, Peter, you've found a new agave variety - rustyshovelfolia, funny! I like big white pot near the tree bark, wonderful.
    I think as well where it might fit in my garden?

  7. You do visit some great nurseries! I do love that mossy area. That giant metal bowl? wing? circle? sculpture is awesome too! Hope you do get some sun soon, though!

  8. Thank you Peter! I have some plants from this place. They always have a good variety of plants and a nice display. I see they added a lot of garden decor. It's time for a new visit! P.S. Variegated Mondo grass - wow!

  9. you have a savage appetite for new experiences...lucky us!


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