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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Vignette - Hope For the Sunshine Tomorrow

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Seems like someone around here should start building an ark as it seems like it's been raining far longer than forty days and forty nights already!  Spring is slowly making itself known this year but it's still cold and wet outside.  For some reason this year I'm just not as motivated to be working outside.  Maybe it's the squishy sound the ground makes when trod upon; maybe it's just one of those seasons. I went out to the greenhouse to water and begin fertilizing plants and was delighted by a familiar summer fragrance.

There in the scraggly jungle of plants barely hanging on  was a brugmansia bloom.  Not a big thing, this happens on and off through the winter but on this spring day when it seemed like blue skies and warm temperatures will never return, this Angel's Trumpet was  whispering hope to me.

Soft as the voice of an Angel ('s trumpet)
Breathing a lesson unheard
Hope with a gentle persuasion 
Whispers her comforting word.
Wait, 'til the darkness is over
Wait, 'til the tempest is done
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow 
After the shower is gone. 

Whispering hope
Oh, how welcome thy voice
Making my heart 
In it's sorrow rejoice.


  1. We're heading into a period of rain. Good for the garden if not the gardener.

  2. Oh, that is such a wonderful, welcome scent! My Brugs, sitting in a mostly dark garage, still have yellowing leaves hanging on. It won't be long before I drag them back out. Sorry your week off is turning out very wet and gray. I can understand your lack of motivation.

  3. On pace for another record rainfall here this month, I imagine you are too. I'm sorry your spring break has been a wash-out. Friday looks potentially dry and sunny here, hopefully for you too?

  4. At least you have your 'indoor' garden to work in and enjoy, if you aren't into rain-gardening. This bloom is quite the reword; hopefully it will carry you over till a drier day comes.

  5. I'm glad you got touched by summer. Sunny skies will find you soon, I'm sure. Our rain is gone until fall I'm afraid and my own Brugmansia looks sad.

  6. Sorry your spring break is getting rained out. Hopefully you get a sunny day like we're supposed to on Friday. Despite the rain, my motivation is coming back, finally. The new leaves popping out all over are doing much to revive my spirits.

  7. How surprising and wonderful to see a brug bloom in your greenhouse. Their scents are intoxicating and lovely.

    As soon as I started reading the words, I started singing them in my head. Thank you for this lovely old hymn, great for encouraging my heart.

    Love & hugs and happy spring to you dear Peter. Hope you get some sunshine soon ~ FlowerLady

  8. Lovely surprise to lift the spirit!

  9. The sun'll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There'll be sun
    Just thinkin' about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    'Til there's none
    When I'm stuck a with day
    That's gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,
    The sun'll come out

  10. This area is having the kind of weather it's known for. Dull gray skies, constant rain of one kind and another, squishy soil, soggy blooms. We have been kinda spoiled the last couple springs, and it's easy to forget this is really the more typical weather. Myself, I don't mind, as I'm recovering from hip replacement, and need to be in anyway, but boy when I get a little stronger, I will be champing at the bit like everyone else to get out there.

  11. The sun will come out, tomorrow ... We had lashes of rain today, it was disgusting.


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