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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Small Details from the Really Big Show

No, it's not the Ed Sullivan Show.  (That dates some of us, doesn't it?) Rather these are some interesting details from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

Insect (book) habitat?

Oh, the big beautiful pots...

In just a few more days these peonies and gardenias will be popping open.  It's difficult, even with greenhouse magic, to get everything blooming at the exact same moment.
 Loved this combination of gabion-like rusty metal back filled with rocks and topped with wine bottles!

Speaking of magic...lilacs in February.  

Tea cup golf.

Interesting use of these old containers among the basalt rock column bed edging. 

Couldn't quite figure out what these  were originally but they made an interesting wall. 

Little free libraries are popping up all over the place in this neck of the woods.  This one was especially darling.

A big hit of the show was this "fire" created by floating an emitter (fog machine thingy) on water and illuminating it with orange light.  Pretty clever!

One of many dragons at the show, this one was particularly effective hovering over the crowd.  At last report, no one was incinerated or eaten.  St. George was nowhere to be found.

Elaborate and beautiful insect habitats. 

These vertical arrangements of  native moss and lichen garnered much attention!

The Sedum Chicks were at it again with these swell shoes  planted with hardy succulents. 

How is that leaf attached?

Can you believe it's March already and spring is less than three weeks away?  It still feels like winter here!


  1. Wonderful details. Good think I wasn't there to buy them. Love the door, the dragon, the library/carrot supply, the display of insect habitats, the "fire", the door...oh, that door! Imagine it in a big wall in the garden.

    The "makes an interesting wall" things, here there are retaining wall concrete blocks, like a shoebox with one end knocked out. Those look to be them, just painted.

  2. I don't pay attention to the calendar. For me Spring started with the NWFG show and the few daffodils that started blooming in my garden last week.
    That huge metal dragon was a crowd pleaser, especially when the artist pulled on a rope that caused the dragon to open it's mouth.
    Someone creative took the idea of insect habitat and totally elevated it to this amazing work of art display. I loved it.

  3. I echo Hoov's remark about the wall blocks, first time saw them was at the San Diego Zoo.

    Carrots in the free library box...now that's a great idea! Much better than the trash fiction I find in our neighborhood version.

  4. At first I thought your title was about the big SNOW. I thought, "Oh you too?" Ha!
    Love the insect book habitat! That would make a great library display, too. :) And lilacs in February. Oh my. Wish I could have been there.

  5. I didn't see the bug habitats for sale at the show. I might have bought one, depending on the price. There were very small ones at Ravenna for $65 (a bit too much for me). Or I could save some money and make one. But it's a lot less stressful to just hand over money and let someone else be creative.

  6. Who would think a bug habitat could be so beautiful! Winter her but spring on Sunday.

  7. I did miss a couple of those details, like the carrots in the little library. Always fum little things to find in the big show.

  8. So I'm just scrolling slowly downward thinking "same old stuff...", and then I got to the insect habitat art. Maybe it shows where my mind is these days, but I really love those! Thinking about it for a little while though, they seem like they'd quickly become spider central. Still, so beautiful!

  9. I love seeing what everyone else paid attention to. I definitely missed a few things that you covered here. I'm not sure where my head was at this year, but I feel like I didn't pay attention very well.

  10. Love the dragon and the bug houses.

  11. Thank you, Peter! I love the pictures, and I love your commentary even more! I do appreciate one's ability to notice small things. All in all, I liked the Show. Everyone could find something they liked.


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