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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Vashon Island's Quartermaster Press Celebrates Twenty-Five Years

The new Vashon Center for the arts is both a performance space and gallery.  We'd seen the building go up but this was our first time to venture inside.  The draw this day was the Quartermaster Press twenty-fifth Anniversary Retrospective Show.  We'd attended shows by this group in the past and have always greatly enjoyed the experience.

The natural light filled space with soaring ceilings is impressive.  I've learned  that architects refer to windows as fenestration systems.  Ain't that fancy?  To be fair, the term refers to all openings in a building including doors, louvres, vents, wall panels, skylights (sloped glazed systems,) storefronts, and curtain walls. So one might say that the generous fenestration system allows ambient light to flood the space, illuminating exposed natural wood beams that celebrate Vashon's history,  and incorporating views of the island's vibrant  present,  creating an effect that is at once contemporary and nostalgic.  The lighting design is enhanced by textured cylindrical pendant lamps creating golden illumination.  Being a simple person, I'd just say that I like all the windows and the hanging lights are neat.

Upon entering we went to the front desk and learned the entrance is free of charge.  "It's a community theatre."

The art was delightful but difficult to photograph (I had permission) behind glass.  Please forgive the strange angles and reflections.

Free Range - Meredith Yawek

Forest Floor - Donna Romero

Trees - Sarah Stuart

A is For... - Sue Hardy

Morning Breeze - Christina Nochols

Our Land - Brent Houston

Homage to Alejandro Santiago - Patricia Churchill

Persephone Cycle - Brian Fisher

Collaborative Piece 2010 - Francesca Fuller, Lisa Guy, Suzanne Moore, Edith Sehulster

If you're in the vicinity, do drop by VAC and enjoy the show.  There's a lot more to see!


  1. I've come to the conclusion we must very much support and encourage books and printing presses and artful such as this. We have lost so much with the internet and technnological advances. (However, blogs are a good thing in my mind.) I would love to have almost everyone of the artworks you have shown here. Thank you for a most interesting post.

  2. Fenestration systems... that's a mouth full, the space is wonderful though. I like that art as well; it must be fun and nourishing to the soul to be a part of an artistic group like this.

  3. The building is gorgeous and we are big fans of prints. My husband was known for his woodcuts for many years though mostly he is doing photography now. We happen to know the word fenestration but not the wider references. Whenever we go past an old building whose beautiful windows have been destroyed by modernization, we yell out "they ruined the fenestration!"

  4. Fenestration sounds so serious. Love the art work.

  5. Love these, especially the ones with a botanical theme, like "Morning Breeze" and "Our Land".


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