Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Portland Nursery Hopping # 3 Cistus Nursery

Technically, Cistus Nursery isn't in Portland but on nearby Sauvie Island but it's always a stop on any visit to the Portland area. 

The plant addict's heart beats a little faster as he walks from the parking area across the drive and the nursery sign comes into view.

Almost in the Big Top and excitement builds.  There are always treasures to be found here.

For a moment, we're in southern California.

Agave americana mediopicta alba is a favorite of mine and it was tempting do bring home another but there are already two in my plant hoard.

Justicia rizzinii was tempting but only hardy to 25 degrees.

Grevillea juniperina 'Molonglo' happily blooming away.

I passed up putting Acacia pravissima in my cart.  Happily, when I was cutting some bamboo back, I noticed that the one in my own garden had survived the winter and looked happy.  The bamboo had sheltered it nicely during our freezes.

Correa reflexa 'Carpenter Rocks' hopped right into my cart.  Only hardy to twenty degrees, it may not survive if we have an exceptionally cold winter but at least for a while, these winter flowers will brighten some gloomy days.

Senecio cristobalensis

Impatiens omeiana 'Ice Storm'

Oh those beautiful Yucca rostratas.

A Dasylirion longissimum came home with me as I'd love to imitate Pam Penick's fabulous pipe planter idea for this plant.

Camellia japonica var. quercifolia 'White Mermaid.' An oak leaved camellia?  Who knew? 

Ribes speciosum 'Rana Creek.' I can never get a good image of this blooming in my own garden but isn't it a sweet thing?

Agave ornithobroma  

How lucky are we to live in this region where we can grow agaves, olives, plants with large tropical-looking leaves, and moss on everything?

The vibrant color of Abutilon 'Mother of Pearl' is thrilling.

Time to take our purchases to the front counter and check out.  Fortunately the nursery supervisor was on duty making sure that her human servants were on their toes.

One last look as we head out.  

Time to head out and hit another nursery before stopping for dinner and heading for home. 

Happy May Day!


  1. That Agave just weeping down is gorgeous as is the red pot amidst all the greenery. Usually I don't like bright pots but that one is a beauty with the more mottled color and the bits of red around it. And yes, you are lucky!

  2. No matter how many times I visit a place, my heart also beats a little faster as I walk from my car toward a nursery. Impatiens omeiana 'Ice Storm' is a looker, but I'd just want to run off with that charming white cat.

  3. That Senecio reminds me of the Sinopanax that everyone is re-mortgaging their houses for this year. I stopped in at Cistus that day too, after Hortlandia, we must have missed each other again. Love the shot of the white kitty.

  4. Oh yes, it's enough to see your photos to make my heart beat faster.
    Especially the Camellia, Ribes and Abutilon are my favourites. And the white cat looks wonderfully zen.

  5. That Correa is choice! I'm a little in love with those fancy-leaved Impatiens too but I've banned them from my garden due to their water needs (although maybe the lath house could use some?). As to the flutter in one's heart upon walking into a favorite nursery, I can identify!

  6. Wait a minute Outlaw Pete, just back the heck up....Agave ornithobroma? Looks like a cross with a xanthorrhea! And after looking it up, I see the resemblance to my geminiflora. Cistus definitely belongs in the pantheon of great nurseries -- a real treat for you PNWers.

  7. You do live in a place that is special for growing plants. I love the moss in your area. I think it adds so much beauty to the environment. Happy May day to you too.

  8. Fabulous place!! A nursery we could visit over and over again given the chance :)

  9. This nursery is definitely your kind of place!

  10. The oak-leaved camellia is very cool! Love the kitty!

  11. Yucca rostratas - please, three of them... when the colleges reduce tuition for the kids...

  12. A fabulous nursery, for sure, and a dangerous place to have nearby. I remember well from the Portland Fling!


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