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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 2018 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

On the fifteenth of each month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, inviting garden bloggers all over the world to show what's blooming in their gardens on this day.  Click here to see what's blooming in the gardens of other participating  bloggers.  Here is some of what's blooming in my garden this month.

Meconopsis cambrica

I don't quite know how pansies bloom through the winter and then really take off and continur through much of the summer but I'm sure glad they do.

It's warm enough outside for the begonias and impatiens to be happy.

The first of the alliums.

Our native plant formerly known as Dicentra (bleeding heart) is quite thug in my garden and each year it seems to spread further.

Parahebe perfoliata

This one will represent quite a few abutilons in bloom this month. 

Plant formerly known as Magnolia laevifolia

Gentiana acaulis 

Columbines show up in all sorts of places and one never knows what kinds of hybrids they'll create with each other.

While some camellias are definitely finished, others are just hitting their stride. 

Ceanothus time! 

Crinodendron hookerianum

Rhododendron something or other.

Fuchsia.  The hardy ones haven't started blooming yet.  This is a cheat from the store. 

Polygonatum odoratum

Kolkwitzia amabilis

Magnolia 'Black Tulip' was much darker earlier but I enjoy how it holds onto it's petals as it fades to a lighter shade.

Noid rhododendron that a neighbor was going to throw away many years ago.


 Grevillea 'Canberra Gem'

Rosa sericea ssp. omeiensis f. pteracantha has small silky white single blooms but is grown for it's incredible red thorns.

This Ceanothus has grown into quite a monster.

Ceanothus and Ribes speciosum

Buddleja globosa

Euphorbia mellifera

Aesculus pavia

Another neighbor-discarded rhodendron from several years ago. 

Rosa rugosa 'Yankee Lady'

These dianthus were a teacher-appreciation gift last year.  Sold as annuals, they filled in nicely over the summer and I thought that would be it.  However, they seem to have missed the annual lecture about dying after one year.  They are such a sweet red color that I don't think I'll tell them.

Melianthus and Euphorbia wulfenii 

A couple of  clematis.  A smarter gardener might have planted vines with different bloom times. 

Iris confusa

Paeonia delavayi

Paeonia ludlowii

Abutilon vitifolium

Pelargoniums are enjoying the heat. 

One last rhododendron planted years ago for the size of it's leaves.  It's now a pretty tall shrub and I had to use a telephoto lens to get a close enough picture of the huge truss. (It's a little over a foot wide.)
Happy GBBD everyone!


  1. That pansy and heuchera combo is superb. I have thought about growing that rose with the thorns but it is not easy to find and I can't quite decide if I have a place for it. My P. ludlowii is just starting to show which is late give the other species peonies are blooming. Not sure if it will ever get to a blooming size so it was interesting to see yours.

  2. Beautiful!
    Love the Begonias - they remind me of my mother. But I don't have the green thumb with them that she did.
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. Such gorgeousness and such variety in the types of plants. I do especially love that fuchsia and the allium. I have tried growing alliums several times, but they've never done well for me. Not sure why - I guess I just don't have the touch. Happy Bloom Day.

  4. Nice combination of colors: impatiens and begonias. how I do love tuberous begonias but my climate does not.

  5. Gorgeous Begonias! I have buds on some of mine, but no open flowers yet. Actually, I reached in to move one around the other day so the flower that was about to open was facing out, and knocked the bud off. Typical. Thanks for sharing your fabulous cavalcade of blooms!

  6. The realization it's already the 15th of May, took my by surprise this morning... Your garden is ON, full throttle. I'll follow your lead and take my tuberous begonia outside: it's ready to open it's buds. I'm a fan of dianthus, so I'm glad yours survived the winter and looking so good. The shortest varieties seem the hardiest, and they all share that spicy fragrance that I adore. Not a candidate for IAVOM, unless you use a shot-glass :-) That last Rhodie picture is a winner!

  7. I stand back in awe at your appetite for plants -- you are ravenous, and your amazing garden is proof. I've always wanted to try that buddleja, so I'll be checking back to see its progress over summer.

  8. So many pretties! May is such a grand month.

  9. Oh my goodness, you have so much blooming. Some things I have never seen before. My buckeye is blooming too. That globe buddleja is interesting. I don't have much luck with abutilons. They grow ok but don't bloom until fall when the party is over. Happy GBBD.

  10. You've got a floral parade going on in your garden! Your pansies are apparently made of tougher stuff than those down this way - ours checked out weeks ago. I didn't think you could surpass last month's giant Camellia display but that Ceanothus is definitely making a run on the title of garden grand dame this month!

  11. There is always something beautiful in your garden, Peter. Your peonies are esp. lovely!

  12. What a variety of plants you have! I have not had the greatest luck with begonias, but I love their flowers so. This year, I'm reluctantly giving up on them.

  13. Wow, so much in bloom! The Buddleja globosa is so interesting, I hadn't heard of that one before. Such pretty peonies! Mine are just budding.

  14. Why oh why am I such a failure with tuberous begonias ?? I know people can grow them here, yes it's me-not them. At least I can look at yours !

  15. So much is in bloom in our gardens in May! What a glorious month.

  16. As spring came your garden looks beautiful with many colorful blossoms. You have many varieties of flowers. Lovely to see the white rose with red border and so on...

  17. “Plant formerly known as Magnolia laevifolia”... what!?! Someone messed with my Magnolia? Love that Buddleja globosa, have you ever used it in a vase?

    1. I was admiring a sprig of that magnolia at Wells Medina and was told that it's been reclassified. Whatevs, It'll always be laevifolia to me. Haven't use globosa in a vase but it's fragrance and color would be most welcome inside.

    2. If the person at Wells Medina tried to tell you the genus is now Michelia or something, they're way out of date and may be experiencing a backwards flow of time. If they said it's now Magnolia dianica, that is also an older name, the last name change before settling on Magnolia laevifolia.

  18. Glorious garden, Peter! Love your collection of plants, especially this one Ceanothus, I saw it in our Botanic garden Conservatory.
    Of course your rhododendrons are lush.

  19. Your May garden is wonderful Peter with so many blooms! The Buddleja globosa is so interesting and the Rosa rugosa 'Yankee Lady' is vibrant! Happy GBBD!

  20. I love ceanothus, grew up with them in CA. Now I'm in Oregon, but they should grow just as well where I am, so I'll put one on my list!
    Thanks you finding you yesterday (that little "next blog" button is fun to spend time on!), I learned about the Bloggers' Bloom Day.

  21. You have so many interesting plants! I absolutely love the Ceanothus. I was sad to see it fading today.

  22. Such gorgeous varieties of Begonias that are not possible to thrive in our hot climate,fuchsias does not survive in harsh summer of ours treated as annual in our region.


  23. So many great blooms! I love the Ceanothus/Ribes combo, and the Abutilon vitifolium. You're in luck! Our native Dicentra formosa is still Dicentra. It's the big spectabilis types and the climbing ones that got split into different genera.

  24. Wonderful. Those blue Ceanothus on the West Coast are magnificent, and yours are no exception. Love the red Dianthus also.


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