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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Garden of Alison and Andrew Johnson

On June third, I had the pleasure of touring Alison and Andrew Johnson's Garden in Redmond, a Northwest Perennial Alliance open garden.

Let's hope this alarm doesn't go off!

"Originally from England and a Master Gardener, my garden has large borders of perennials and shrubs in the English Cottage garden style."

"I try to emulate the perennial borders of English country gardens but get distracted so I have herbs in with the roses and apple trees in the borders, and bananas next to the foxgloves."

Love this chair!  

"We have been here for 11 years. It was just lawn and conifers when we moved in and each year we chip away at the lawn making the borders deeper."

"The central feature is a little cottage which is actually a chicken coop!" With leaded glass windows no less!

"Behind the chicken cottatage is a fenced vegetable garden."

"We are lucky enough to have Rutherford Creek run through our property and this part of the garden is kept blackberry free but is left natural.

"I have a greenhouse where I try to grow a lot of my own perennials from seed and from cuttings."

"In the kitchen garden garden west of the property is where the honey bees live."

This kind of hive, a top bar, was new to me.  Andrew slid back the wood slat revealing a window through one can observe the bees at work inside the hive.  It was fascinating to observe.

Thanks Alison and Andrew for opening your gorgeous garden for us all to enjoy!  
Happy weekend everyone.  I hope yours is filled with lots of garden fun!


  1. Great pictures, especially the last one - interesting idea :)

  2. Garden touring season is in full speed! I wish I had a creek running through my garden...

  3. Gorgeous garden. Love the chicken coop. Was that a mosquitoes dish I was saw?

  4. What a lovely woodsy garden. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. Another beautiful garden! That bird's nest-alarm is hilarious and I loved the chicken coop. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday weekend!

  6. My goodness dear Peter! You are so blessed to see all of these beautiful gardens. This one was so wonderful and peace filled. I love that chicken coop.

    Enjoy your week ~ FlowerLady

  7. That first images is a winner with a weeoing beech and a Nootkatensis! I could move right in. I'm not big on cute garden stuff but I live those shoes.

  8. We enjoyed that garden too. I just realized I never did post those photos. Oh well, you did a good job of it for me.

  9. What an adorable chicken coop! And the shoes with succulents are so cute. I love visiting other gardens. It looks so lush there!

  10. It really has that lush English woodland garden feel to it!

  11. What a greenhouse Peter. It's my dream. I also liked English Cottage garden style, they are talented gardeners, all is such cozy and clean. The small bridge over the creek is pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  12. I love the chair too and the way she 'gets distracted'. Being distracted has made the most alluring outcome.


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