Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Foliage Follow-Up

Foliage Follow-Up is hosted by Pam Penick of Digging on the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day to remind us of the important role of foliage in our gardens.  Click here to join in the fun!

On Thursday we had rain all day and night which made the garden happy.  Not great weather for traipsing through the garden with a camera so a quick dash outside yielded a few shots of some random foliage from part of the garden.

Acer pseudoplatanus 'Esk Sunset' has gorgeous foliage viewed from above and below. 

Found by the side of the road with a "Free" sign a few years ago, this guy, one of many pieces of a huge plant that someone must have gotten tired of,  has finally settled in and is happily putting on new growth.

Rex Begonias

Pelargonum 'Distinction' 

The name of this Japanese Maple is on the tip of my tongue.  You know the one, leaves like this that are beautifully golden infused with orange  all summer long.

Acer palmatum 'Emerald Lace'

Some bigger leaves. 

I stole borrowed this combination from Danger. 

A new flush of leaves on Schefflera delavayi.

Arisaema, Pulmonaria, and a fern whose name is on a tag somewhere. 

Hosta 'Vulcan' brought home from Hughes Water Gardens on a recent nursery hop with fellow plant addict, Loree.

Brunnera grows where other plants won't and does so beautifully. 

Another Pulmonaria with solid silver foliage. 

Petasites japonicus giganteus. 

Quercus dentata pinnatifida, after many years in pots finally got set free in the garden this spring.

Tall variegated Miscanthus. 

Berberis 'Orange Rocket'

 Green stuff.  

Persicaria virginiana 'Painter's Palette'

More green stuff. 

Whole lotta' green, purple, and gold stuff. 


  1. What a lush show. In late February, every inch of green or even the promise of green gets a lot of attention. Now we are spoiled, happy, and down to calling it "stuff". My garden leaves me speechless too this time of year. Brunner is an old favorite: I just love my Jack Frost. TGIF.

  2. Your garden amazes me. Not only beautiful flowers but some pretty incredible foliage. I think that unknown fern is 'Dre's Dagger'

  3. Hello there Peter !
    What can I say about your garden and plants ... other than I am proud to share that same foliage combo of Japanese fern with maiden Hair fern .. I also have Dre's Dagger fern .. nice ! ...
    But the heart stopper for me is that amazing orange acer .. I am truly in love and lust of that .. I think my zone is too cold for it though .. 5b can be rather nasty at times .. but oh .. if you had heard me here when I saw it's picture ... you would have LAUGHED ! LOL
    Take care and thank you for dropping by ... yes I love my "wild" peony : )

  4. Excellent foliage show Peter! That Hosta 'Vulcan' looks so much more fetching in your garden than at the nursery. Good thing you brought it home.

  5. You have such a lush variety of foliage, and your garden is looking so good. I'm jealous you went to Hughes, I'm so curious what their place is like. I ordered online from them this year.

  6. Your collection of foliage is as lovely and varied as your Bloom Day collection, Peter. That last shot is absolutely wonderful. I so wish I could grow hostas here - the local nurseries do sell a few boring specimens but even those are dead almost on arrival.

  7. Your plants wear such beautiful clothing.

  8. Fabulous foliage, for sure--especially that Rex Begonia and all your amazing Acers. Happy Foliage Follow-Up!

  9. wow, what a variety of coloured and shaped foliage. That last photo is a superb scene.

  10. Such great variety, Peter. Acer 'Esk Sunset' is lovely as is 'August Moon' – a plant I've always wanted. Maybe someday!

  11. All these fabulous plants grow in your garden?!
    Lovely photos... and the Foliage Follow-Up meme is a great idea!

  12. So wonderfully lush. Rex Begonias! Acer palmatums without brown edges on the leaves! Maybe all the rain isn't so totally bad?

  13. Wow, those begonias and maples and brunnera, oh my! The spiky freebie is cute too, although not in a cuddly way. Right now I'm especially envious of your rain. Send some to Texas!


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