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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Leftover Thursday - An Autumn Quilt

Lots of us occasionally post a collection of random images that couldn't really fit into another post.  There are lots of clever names for this like "Clippings" or  "Monday Miscellany."   I haven't come up with a catchy title for this and usually call it random (insert day here.)  Usually these are pictures taken with my phone instead of my camera because picture taking wasn't really planned.   I'm reminded of leftover suppers made up of a variety of offerings from earlier in the week.   The image of a quilt, pieced together from scraps of other projects also appeals.  

However you like to think about it, here are some leftovers or an autumn quilt for All Saints Day, Dia de los muertos,  or Samhain .

A few weeks ago, I was stuck inside for a couple of days taking a class about a new curriculum.  The room had huge windows that looked out at some lovely autumn foliage.  The shades allowed some light in and allowed a veiled  view of what was on the other side.  On Samhain, it is said that the veil (between the worlds of the living and the dead)  is thin.  

For many years, I planted a rose outside our school in honor of each retiring teacher.  The beds are full and most of the teachers I work with are younger than I and have no idea about the tradition.  It's special to walk past these each day and think of the individuals for whom each rose was chosen. 

On the way out to the car from the vet clinic after dropping off a pup for an annual procedure, the dew-spangled webs caught my eye.

On the coffee hour table at church. 

Back at school, at recess with the kids, the maples on the playground were looking especially glorious.

In honor of the day, the lyrics of  "Canticle" by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  These are adapted from chapter 44 of The Wisdom of Ben Sira (Sirach) written sometime around 200 to 175 BCE. 

"Let us now praise famous ones
and our parents that begat us
such as did bear rul
in their kingdoms
Those renowned for their power
leaders of the people
by their counsel and their knowledge
such as found out musical tunes
and recited verses in writing.
All these were honored in their generation
and were the glory of their times.

But some there be which have no memorial
who have perished as though they had never been
Their bodies are buried in peace but their names liveth for evermore." 

I can't believe that it's November already and time for the once-a-year house cleaning in preparation for Thanksgiving.  


  1. What a lovely post and your rose tradition is an incredibly thoughtful gesture. You need to find a younger teacher to carry it on when you retire.

  2. Nice shots of the webs. For some strange reason the spiders have for the most part abandoned my garden this fall, I wonder why. There's been one making and remaking his web outside one window, but none anywhere else in the garden. Usually they're everywhere at this time of year and I can't walk outside without either walking straight into them or waving a stick around in front of me. Of course, maybe my eyesight is going and I just haven't seen them.

  3. Yes, its November. I can hardly believe it myself. I like that first picture of the room you were "stuck in". Those beautiful large window make for good learning atmosphere. Unless you begin day dreaming about being outside...

  4. I was shocked to realize it is November. I like quilts of any sort. Well done.

  5. It's a good thing they had the shades drawn in that classroom - I know I couldn't have paid attention for days with a scene like that visible outside. Even with the shade, I'd have struggled. The rose tradition is lovely and it surprises me not at all that you led it.

    1. I found the scrim over the beautiful foliage annoying and thought that an unadulterated view that made it seem like you were in the middle of the woods would have been even nicer.

  6. What a great quilt of photos! Love the spiderwebs; I walked through a web yesterday and looked up to find a spider dangling in front of my face! But I think my favorite photo is the last image of fall foliage with the trees above. Was that photoshopped, or did you catch those leaves as they were falling? At any rate, it is a striking image!

    1. The last shot is actually leaves floating in a puddle in the street. I was admiring the golden leaves and totally missed the cool reflection until I looked at the picture later.

  7. I like this photo quilt idea. Goodness knows I have plenty of camera "scraps" laying around.
    Well done.

  8. Good idea quilting the misc. together in one post. Some great pix that need to be seen!
    That's a grand tradition to plant a rose in honor of a retiring teacher, thoughtful and poignant.
    I never like to think about what will happen to the gardens we tend after we can no longer. I expect mine will become field in no time.

  9. This is beautiful, Peter. The rose tradition is so, so special! And I really enjoyed your recitation of the "Canticle"--a perfect entry for the day and our times.

  10. All the parts of your day/week/month... you’re amazing! I hope you plant a rose for yourself when you retire.

  11. Planting a rose for retiring teachers is a wonderful idea, which one would you choose for yourself? Love your selectio of photos, they make a super mixed bag.

  12. Wish I had a fraction of your energy. Pretty pretty captures. Also wish the "comment as" box didn't come up blank all the time on my pc ,so strange ...have to use cellphone to comment.

  13. Autumn is one of my most favourite times of year. But over your side of the pond the colours seem far more vibrant.

  14. Very cool spiderweb! And thanks for sharing the poem, it was moving.

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