Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, November 9, 2018

I Wasn't Going to Visit Watson's

On Saturday, someone locked himself out of the house.  It was okay as I had a few errands to run and could do the weekly shopping, get a haircut, etc. and be home by the time Tom returned from work.  Things went faster than usual and I was at loose ends for a few hours and in the Watson's neighborhood.  Might as well stop by and kill some time looking at plants, right?

It's a time of rapid transition in the nursery business - Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is only a short time away, and the Christmas madness  merchandise is starting to creep in.

Heebe 'Gerthe' is supposed to bloom summer - winter.  It was tempting to grab one or two of these as who doesn't need more color in the winter?  On the other hand, it grows up to 32 inches tall and there's simply not room for such a thing in my garden.

Echinacea still blooming through some greenhouse magic.  

Looking like a zinnia or maybe even a dahlia.  I'm not a fan of doubling everything just because it's possible.  To my eye, they've taken echinacea-ness  away from this poor thing.  

So bright and wonderful.  If one of every color wasn't already budded up at home, I'd be tempted. 

My favorite sections of the store - cacti and succulents with the discount tables in the distance. 

It is early but for folks who like to create theme trees,  change their decorations annually, or enjoy giving ornaments as gifts, it's nice to get a head start. 

Most of the merchandise is priced a bit high but it's fun to look and wonder what might be left once the discounts start on December 26.

Honestly, I didn't see anything that I wanted. 

These T.V. and store window vignettes are cute. 

Outside, hellebores and wintergreen snuggle up next to the last of the chrysanthemums, bulbs for fall planting are on sale, and the first primroses are showing up.  All manner of evergreen plants are showcased along with winter interest annuals like pansies and ornamental cabbage and kale.  It's quite a mashup of seasons.

 You may recall these bookends from a previous visit.    They, along with the little Halloween decor left were now 70% off.  Certainly this was a sign...

They now live in the little office where I spend time writing my blog.  The only downside is that they take up a lot of space in shelves that were already crammed to the gills with books.
Oh well, so much for my resolve not to bring any more stuff into the house.  At least I didn't drag home any more plants. 

Happy weekend all


  1. from Linda at Each Little World: you are absolutely right about that Echinacea. If you had not said what it was I would not have recognized it. Last year I bought a dusty pink tree at the end of the season at a consignment store. We will see what kind of theme I come up with.

  2. I agree with you on the tortured Echinaceas, I'm not a fan. Just give me the species and I'm happy. I love the cactus and succulent tables at Watson's too, it's the first place I go, sometimes it's even more interesting than their perennial area. Love your new bookends.

  3. I love it when the contents of bookshelves are displayed -- I spy a couple of my books on your shelf!

  4. Sky nursery has been selling Christmas stuff for weeks now. Sigh. It's better then closing down for Winter. For me, nurseries are a place of refuge and rejuvenation, regardless of the season.
    Hebe 'Gerthe' is lovely. My concern would be hardiness as the leaves of this variety seem quite large. For hebe, the smaller the leaves, the hardier. TGIF.

  5. I knew you couldn't go home empty-handed, lol! Watson's reminds me of a gift shop I worked at one season over the Christmas holiday in the late 70s. It was a barn stuffed to the gills and had a Christmas section that even had bus tours visiting. So much stuff, and it all had to be dusted! :O I think it forever cemented and minimized my collecting tchotchkes.

  6. Why do you suppose I doubted you when you declared, early on, that you didn't see ANYTHING that you wanted?

  7. I am so glad those bookends have a happy home. They look great on your bookshelf. They give you a good reason to purge some books. I think I would have not been able to resist that Heebe. The color of those blooms. Yummmy. I like those big blue pots under the christmas tree too. Have a great weekend.

  8. Why is exiting a garden center without something so difficult? That's not a criticism but a real question, one that perplexes me regularly. My husband no longer comments when I come home with something, only expressing concern about whether something's wrong with me when I return empty-handed. Fortunately, I seldom give him reason for such concern. I couldn't have passed on that Hebe...

  9. At 70% how could you possibly resist. The real problem would be when you ever visit a place like Watson's and really do not find anything you would want to buy. What fun would that be?

  10. As chavliness said at least our nurseries (most of them) don’t close for the season....

  11. Peter .. you did GOOD ! The book ends are perfect .. wish I had room for something like that .. and all these pictures of all these GOODIES ? are you trying to drive me out of what little mind I have left ? LOL .. I love the old fashioned vignettes .. the TV and tree .. we don't have nurseries here in Kingston, I guess that is a good thing .. but jeez ..I so wish I could cruise like you do .. it would be so much much fun !

  12. Those bookends are great! Maybe you should lock yourself out of the house on a regular basis.


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