Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Late Season Eye Candy from Kathy's Corner

No visit to Vashon Island is complete without stopping by Kathy's Corner Nursery.  For more information about the nursery and it's owner, both island institutions, see previous posts here.  Today, I'll just share some of what caught my eye on a recent visit.

Mum's the word this time of year.  

Beautiful as chrysanthemums are, Asters tug at my heart even more.  
 Some of summer's glory still lingers in annual baskets still blooming like there's no tomorrow.

Weeping willows provide a great area for the shade tolerant perennials and shrubs.

A box of sempervivum.

I got to venture into the growing houses.  These weren't labeled but aren't they cool?

Great pairing of Canna 'Intrigue' and Begonia 'Fireflush'   I've got the canna but killed my 'Fireflush' by giving it too much water.  I vow not to let this begonia meet the same fate. 
Once again, I'm grateful to live in an area where we have so many great nurseries that are open year round and where we can enjoy something in bloom every month of the year in our gardens.  Happy weekend everyone.  I hope you are able to get outside and garden!


  1. Chrysanthemums, Chrysanthemums everywhere, Peter. I can't choose, they all are wonderful. Perhaps I choose Weeping willows...

  2. Those weeping willows look perfect and what fun to shop under them. We have more nurseries than I tend to take advantage of. I have favorites and probably should make the effort to go beyond them. Then again, they wouldn't be favorites if they were not so terrific!

  3. That is a fab Begonia! Wonderful color and great paired with the Canna. Love the silly leaning cactus.

  4. "I vow not to let this begonia meet the same fate." So it jumped into your cart, did it?
    I also like the unnamed plat; Maybe someone will recognize it and be able to name it.
    One year I tried to grow chrysanthemum pacificum, mostly for the leafs. The plants didn't last. I think I'll stick with what works for me: Aster.

  5. That Begonia is gorgeous but I really got a kick out of the cactus that appears to be attempting to escape its pot.

  6. This is why I never like seeing fall/winter photos from the PNW -- you guys still have plant selections! Here it's mums and asters and that's pretty much it (I'm over simplifying)... :)

  7. I'll take that box of Sempervivum, please...


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