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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Foliage Follow-Up: Better Late than Never

On the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day each month, Pam at Digging hosts Foliage Follow-Up to celebrate the important role that foliage plays in our gardens.

Thank goodness our wind storm wasn't as bad as predicted or these Musa basjoo leaves would be shredded.  These always stick around until our first hard frost.  Some years, that means that they're still looking good through Thanksgiving; other years they're brown sooner.

Acer palmatum 'Emerald Lace' is just beginning to color up for fall.

Acer somethingorother

Poncirus trifoliata

This really wants a sunnier location.  Maybe I'll get around to transplanting it this fall.
 After surviving last winter in a pot and being plunked unceremoniously in a hole in the heat of summer, Vitis vinifera purpurea actually made grapes and colored up beautifully.  Hopefully this will grow up a blue conifer nearby and create a nice foliage combination.

Inherited Mahonia along with the impossible to kill Petasites fragrans given to me by a friend.  One small plant has taken over a huge space and each year I dig it out which seems to make it more prolific.  Between this and the running bamboo, it might be easier to move than to stay here.

Davidia involucrata 'Tricolor'

Another Tropaeolum speciosum growing in a bed but this one with fasciated stems. Fun!  Hope it stays for many more years.

Foliage that will be brightening the garden all winter includes Heuchera 'Forever Purple' 

Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'

Ornamental cabbage

Aloe polyphylla made it through last winter outside in a pot sheltered from rain.  It'll come up on the porch this year to keep it dry.

Earlier this year, I thought my Amorphophallus konjac had died because it was so late to emerge. Last year it wintered in the greenhouse and came up much earlier.  It not only finally emerged but

produced babies.  Hooray!
Ain't foliage grand? 


  1. Oh, I can only hope that some day my Aloe polyphylla has as many leaves as yours. It's looking good. You do have some really fabulous foliage!

  2. I'd heard the predicted PNW windstorm wasn't that bad after all, and I'm glad to hear you confirm it. Your foliage looks lovely, esp. with some in the first blush of fall. Thanks for joining in Foliage Follow-Up!

  3. Wow you really didn't get much wind did you? It was pretty strong here. My Poncirus trifoliata leaves are all gone...and we lost power for about an hour. Lovely Aloe polyphylla...

  4. Are you still friendly with the person who gave you Petasites fragrans? Maybe they should come over and help controlling this vigorous plant. The little grape vine would look stunning on a blue conifer; I can't wait to see it. After seeing your Heuchera 'Forever Purple' last month I rushed over to Swanson's to get one for myself!

  5. The fall foliage color makes me sigh - there's none of that here! The raindrops also provide lovely decoration - unbelievably, we did get a trace of that in the past few days. I'm glad to hear that the storm caused no significant damage in your area.

  6. Foliage is grand, especially in October!

  7. Love the Poncirus trifoliata -- does it look good when green too, or is it just the contrast between the foliage and the stems right now that I like?

  8. Foliage is grand and yours definitely is! Love the shots with the raindrops on the plants.

  9. Ha! I love the fasciated Tropaeolum feather boa. And the colors coming in on the 'Tricolor' dove tree are beautiful. Mine dropped its leaves a month ago. It's been in too dry a spot. I moved it to a better spot, so hopefully I'll get fall color and not crispiness next year, and hopefully it will grow more than 3 inches...

  10. Glad you missed the worst of the storm. You have some beautiful foliage and the colours of autumn creeping in make the garden a wonderful place to be at this time of year.


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