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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Garden Bloggers Nursery Romp part 2: Heronswood and Celsestial Dream Gardens

After leaving Valley Nursery,  our happy group proceeded to a plant sale at the former site of Heronswood Nursery.  Alison and I attended the spring sale there in May when we also toured the garden.

I chose not to tour the garden this time as it as last time I visited, it elicited a feeling of  sadness for what had been lost.  Although the volunteers are working diligently and the garden still has many gorgeous features and plants, the joy of discovery that I always felt when I visited in former times was gone.  Others in our group took lots of pictures of the gardens that look gorgeous!

A nice surprise was seeing Sylvia,  Ross, and their plants from Dig at the sale! 

Anna can't believe that Loree has another schefflera from Dan Hinkley in her hand.  Loree looks pretty sly, don't you think?

More happy shoppers looking at plants!  This sale had even more vendors than did the spring sale. 

So many  groovy plants, so little space left in my garden. 

Dancing Oaks, from whom I actually purchased an oak among other things, did a nifty trick and appeared both at this sale and at Portland's HPSO fall sale a state away.  They brought with them, as did a couple of other vendors, Billardiera longiflora, my favorite plant in the garden last week. 

Kelly and Sue brought some great plants from Far Reaches Farms.  I resisted buying anything from them at the sale because their nursery was to be a later stop in our day.

Sweet Dahlia

I put my camera away and enjoyed all of the great plants.  Other vendors included Windcliff, Friendly Natives, Longbranch, Robinwood, Colvos Creek, Chimacum Woods, Keeping it Green, Foxglove, Rhododendron Species Foundation, Dragonfly, and the next nursery on our tour, Celestial Dream Gardens.

Celestial Dream Gardens  has stunning plantingsfeaturing the plants that they sell and a few that they don't. 

This Puya came home with me.  Isn't it purty?

Celestial Dreams is not a huge nursery but every plant that they have is choice and highly garden worthy!

Fuchsia 'Delta's  Groom'  was a huge hit at the sale and Celestial Dream had more of them.

Debbie Teashon of Rainy Side Gardeners, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the San Francisco Garden Bloggers' Fling, lives on the Kitsap peninsula and joined our merry band at Heronswood to visit some of the sites on our itinerary.  Debbie  looks like she really bonded with Delta's Groom!
 It's a gorgeous fuchsia and I'll never look at mine now without thinking of her and this fun day!

Laura likes  the red chevron markings of this Persicaria!  I think they'll be very happy together!

Persicaria (or Tovara) virginiana 'Brush Strokes'   Here's what they looked like in May! 

Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea'   is still looking gorgeous.  Jeff said that he'll have some available for sale next spring. 

I was attracted to the dangerous looking foliage of Carlina acaulis ssp. simplex in cute little four inch pots.  Jeff directed us to the garden where some were blooming.  Yowsa!  So glad that I liked the foliage.  Isn't this a cool bloom? Both Loree and I got one of these! 

The glaucous leaves of eucalyptus really stand out against  darker evergreens.

 Aloe polyphylla AKA Spiral Aloe looking quite happy in the ground.

You don't see this everyday in the pacific northwest!

Or this.  Unless you live in Portland.

NOID interesting flower buds.

Nice combination of Carex and Eryngium.

Eucalyptus and Eucomis look great together and remind me of Jane's Garden! 
 Pay for those plants folks, It's time to head to the next nursery or maybe we'll take a surprise side trip.  Stay tuned to find out!


  1. I didn't see the spiral Aloe there at Celestial Dreams! It looks like a beautiful specimen. That's a great picture of Debbie.

    1. She's another fun person with whom to go plant shopping! That sprial aloe in the ground along with Mark and Gaz growing theirs in the ground gives me hope that I'll also be able to do that someday!

  2. Wow...the markings on my 'Brushstrokes' Persicaria aren't NEARLY as pronounced :-(

    1. They've faded a little over the summer. The second picture was taken on May 18th.

  3. Wow! there is so much nice stuff going on there. I love the acacia. If I were just a bit milder I would definitely try one (or two ... lets be honest). I can't believe all the great plants there. Your puya is a stunner. Jealous! And those aloe polyphylla look stunning!!! I'm tempted to try again...

    1. It's a great place to visit. That acacia made it through our last couple of mild winters. I'm thinking that if you can get one really well established, it might stand a chance of coming back from the roots if another bad winter takes it down.

  4. "Purty Puya"...there he goes again.

    1. Didn't even notice that one until you pointed it out!

  5. The euc and Eucomis reminds me of my garden, too, except their pole-evansii WAS BLOOMING! What a cool couple of plant buying opportunities!!

  6. And to think I put back that Schefflera. But then didn't I see that you bought one?

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