Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Moving Experience

It's always amazing to me how much merchandise is moved around, how many displays erected and torn down, and how much  daily maintenance is required at large nurseries.  Things get carted around to keep customers interested, to better merchandise product, etc.  It's a moving experience!  At Molbak's the carnival of Christmas has been cleared away, the last few items offered at 90% off their original prices, and it's time to

The outdoor tables have been cleared of wreaths and evergreen decorations.  There usually would be plants on these tables as well but lows in the teens caused their evacuation to warmer areas. 

These houses are usually completely exposed but a bit of plastic covering the sides is a good idea during our freeze.

Raised beds are filled with sawdust in preparation of the arrival of bare root stock.  

Lots of garden treasures!

Another sign of spring is the appearance of the potted roses. 

Inside, a large display of forced fragrant beauties along with jasmine bursting into bloom tickled the olfactory sense.

A nice warm zing of color for a cold winter day!

The orchid selection grows to possibly it's largest around Valentine's Day.  I guess these are popular gifts at that time of year.

Let's head on over and look at some interesting pots. 

Stewie Griffin?  Is that you?

Dude, do you have to drive that cart so fast? 

Somebunny has no eyes.

Love these. 

There seems to be no end of ways to display tillandsias.

Anthurium always look so exotic.  Have you ever grown them?  How long do the blooms last?  Have they ever re-bloomed for you?

Hydrangeas in the winter add a nice splash of color and can be planted outside once  summer arrives.

White with dark pink edges called 'Peppermint Twist" is lovely. 

A little retail therapy in a nice warm greenhouse is just the thing for a cold winter day!

Ceramic succulents.  

This was new to me and almost made it to the check out counter but its requirements made me think twice. 
  I'd probably kill the poor little thing so it stayed .  

Have you been doing any retail therapy at local nurseries lately?


  1. Lovely hare-pots, Peter. I also liked orchids and roses in pots - it's my weakness.

  2. Loved that lady being carted around! Only doing retail therapy online. Freezing rain/snow mix predicted for tonight. Glad we had warmish dry weather for the March.

  3. "Let's head on over..." you are killing me, Peter. The head that jumped into your cart is very sweet, bad hair day included.
    My friend has grown Anthurium-like plant in a low-light bedroom for several years now. To my amazement, it re bloomed (white flowers) several times.

  4. After picking up the rental car at LAX I managed to hit a nursery in route to the hotel...mind you this was last Monday, MLKJr day, and I'd just left behind snow and 21 degrees in Portland. Seeing all those living GREEN plants made my heart swell. Now I need to do a little local retail therapy and shop the PDX houseplant sale!

  5. Oh, I want those head pots! I might have to make a trip to Molbak's soon. I did grow an Anthurium once, many years ago. The blooms lasted a long time. It was white, not red, though. I can't remember if it rebloomed. My watering habits might have led to its demise.

  6. The color of that Antherium would tempt me to try it. Love the Stewie heads.

  7. I find those eye-less rabbits a little disconcerting...I have an Anthurium, inherited from my MIL years ago, on our dining room credenza - it reblooms occasionally, usually after I remember to water it.

  8. I saw eyelash ferns when I was there last October. I was so tempted but, like you, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep them watered (or at least I didn't want to). I had an anthurium that was planted in a piece of lava rock that did quite well, reblooming with each new leaf. I lost it when I took it to college. The dorm room was too dry and dark, and the water quality was bad, so I started to get mineral build-up on the rock and roots. If I had put it in soil faster, it might have survived.

  9. It's always fun to visit Molbaks with you. You find such cool stuff.

  10. Having just returned from Australia to the reality of English winter I need all the signs of Spring I can get! The roses will do it.. hope springs eternal.

  11. Ha, I just love those pots! What a fun looking nursery! Some of the nurseries up here just go ahead and close down for a month or two with winters being what they are. We do have a couple with wonderful indoor selections for those days when one desperately needs some garden therapy. I received a couple open terrarium-type pots for Christmas, so I am keeping this in mind for such a day...

  12. Love those pots, including Stewie, and those rabbits!


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