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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tacoma Home and Garden Show - Heavy Metal

Do you enjoy rusty metal in your garden?    Two of my favorite rusty metal vendors were at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show, Rusty Birds and Blackwaters Metal Art.   Here's a small sample of their offerings.

Rusty birds had a fan blowing on a couple of their kinetic  pieces. 

There were several appealing trellis designs including an Asian-inspired creation, not pictured, that was my favorite.

Love the branches with birds mounted on old window sash.  Wouldn't it be grand to mount stained glass in the back that would emulate a beautiful sunrise with these silhouettes?   Come to think of it, I have some old window sashes up in the attic and a perfect piece of glass.

 Fortunately, Rusty Birds will also be at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and they also sell via mail order.

These came home with me. 

As did one of these along with a set of spruce trees. 
Black Waters Metal Art, which will also be at the NWFGS had several new things this year and Bob described several other new pieces he's working on for the next show, including four seasons and four directions faces.  I can't wait to see them!

This dinosaur skeleton, jointed so that it can gently sway in the breeze was already sold.   Notice the three-staked garden lamps.  With a hurricane lamp inside these would be even more stunning!

This guy was tempting.

 Every dragon hunter needs a trophy, right? 

What garden wouldn't look better with a pterodactyl skeleton soaring above it?  The flying raven on the right will be living in my garden.

Whoo wouldn't like a wise old owl?  

Okay, iron is a heavy metal but not as dense as, say, lead, so these pieces are are actually pretty light. However, they are heavy in both senses cited in the Urban Dictionary.  These are different from other uses meaning grave or somber  (The news of the disaster was really heavy.) or the noun usage (The principal was a real heavy for expelling the student.) Of course food being heavy usually means that it's rather rich and filling.  Then there's the whole heavy metal music genre and we don't want to talk about the numbers that appear on the bathroom scale.  Gee, one word, so many uses. Ain't language fun? 

Anyway, these creations are cool. (not a temperature observation.)


  1. I think the birds in the old window sash would be great set into an opening in a garden fence/wall. You could add the glass, but without it you could chat through the window with your neighbors, assuming you are on a chatting basis.

  2. I love the little birds with crowns on stakes! The trellises too, although I would feel bad about letting a foliage-laden plant cover up all that work. I hope I see this guy's art at the NWFGS.

  3. Eeee .... I want some of those birds! You got real king birds! Yes, language is fun!

  4. How could I not love the rusty birds. Glad you have some too now!

  5. Cool, cool stuff! Every bit of it looks dangerous.

  6. I purchased from both this vendors last Salmon Days in Issaquah. In fact, I may have the last 'Green Man'; they said they are phasing it out (I know you have one too). I always admired the composition with the window frames, so I'm looking forward to see what you'll come up with, now that you have all the components.
    Oh, and iron can be heavy on your pocket too; a reminder to pace yourself :-D

  7. Hello Peter !
    I am in love with all this metal work, they are perfect for the garden.
    I only wish I could find such pieces too.
    You are very lucky for plants and garden art in your area ...I am so jealous ! LOL
    Enjoy them in your garden and think of me ? LOL
    Joy 😉

  8. What wonderful pieces! We have an iron bird that we bought on vacation one year from a roadside home/business.

    Enjoy your pieces ~ FlowerLady

  9. The owl on a pine branch in the window! I want that! Or I would if I had anywhere to put it. I like the idea of adding stained glass to those window sashes. You could also emulate dappled light through leaves, either summer green or in autumn colors. I love the chickadees and the raven, too. I could totally see the dinosaur with the neck frill poking out of your bamboo grove or around a sudden bend in a path.

  10. I've pinned the Rusty Birds site as a source for gifts so thanks for that! I'm also coveting the pterodactyl - as my troublesome neighbor's home sale has fallen through, a pterodactyl might provide the protection against unsolicited pruning advice.

  11. We have several pieces from each of these vendors. They are among my favorite too.

  12. Rusty birds look good in the garden, we have just the one rusty pheasant but I'm sure I would find room for more if I saw all the fantastic artwork that you did, they are amazing!

  13. Peter, I'm in love with rusty birds. I think they would suit to my garden feeder. I'll find any similar things here on internet.

  14. I think the rusty bird vendor shows up at the Wild Arts festival pre-Christmas. No Yard Garden & Patio Show this year, so extra thanks for posting this. Love the flying owl.

  15. Thanks for the feature!
    Glad you're enjoying our birds! I hope the inspire you to keep on creating

    - The RustyBirds Team


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