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Thursday, January 26, 2017

When In Seattle, Visit A Nursery,

Who are we kidding here?  Wherever you find yourself, visit a nursery.  Or ten.  Anyway, we were in Seattle and the interwebs said that City People's Garden Store was open so we headed over.   I'd heard that their last day of operation would be in December but Danger said that they might not have to close after all.

Carmen was the only vehicle in the parking lot and everything was dark inside.  Peeking in the windows, I saw a very empty space.  Only the large counter where the cash register once stood remained.  No shelves, nothing.  There was still a bulletin board on one wall thanking patrons for 28 wonderful years of business.  Where did all of that stuff go?

And, how can they put everything back together in just a few weeks?
According to their website, City People's Garden Store, under new ownership, will be open for eleven more months in this location before it's torn down to make way for some sort of development.  One assumes that during that time the search for a new location will continue but urban nurseries are special places. I remember when Molbak's had a location across from Pike's Place Market in Seattle. How wonderful for apartment dwellers to be able to have an easily accessible source of great plants and supplies.

As I walked around taking these pictures, a nice lady who'd lived in the neighborhood for many years approached me and asked if I knew anything about the re-opening and expressed her concern about so little seeming to happen inside.  This had been, she said, her favorite shop.  Oh well, change is the only constant.


  1. I used to have a sign over my desk in white letters on red that said: "change is good." I keep trying to believe it.

  2. The Madison Park neighborhood in Seattle is prime real estate. A couple of block east of the nursery there is even a gated community. I never been to City People's, but I think I'll visit when they open in February.

  3. Oh that Molbaks in Pike Place was AMAZING! I loved it, it was magical. I got an email a couple of weeks ago with info, here's the important part:

    Having sold most of the merchandise before plans were solidified, we have a lot of space to fill, as you can see!

    Orders are being placed, new systems set up, and plans are being made. You'll find an expanded houseplant section in 2017, and some room to roam as merchandise arrives pallet by pallet.

    Our store hours will change slightly, opening at 9:30 on weekdays.

    Our goal is to re-open February 1st, 9:30 - 6:00 pm, or very soon there after. Keep checking our website or FB page.

    And once we are up and running ... we will continue the search for a permanent home for City People's Garden Store.

  4. Area nurseries in winter are a bit depressing, but one that is *completely* empty would be worse. Looking forward to seeing what this looks like once it's open (from others I mean -- I doubt I'll be making it to the PNW this year)

  5. Ah, the frustration at arriving when a nursery is closed. It's good news that it's coming back, though. I can't recall a time when that's happened here.

  6. Hope they will be a whopping success.

  7. The Seattle Molbaks was actually the Seattle Garden Center for years. The market farmers bought their seeds at the center so the varieties were tried and true for the area. No flower/vegetable pictures on the seed packets, just the typed names and planting instructions. It was a wonderful store.


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