Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Random Thursday

First, a follow-up to yesterday's Wednesday Vignette to show that things are not one-sided.

I'm guessing that the original openings may have been too narrow for ADA compliance.  The building has been re-worked and there is a huge entrance on another wall for both men and women.

Tillandsias enjoying their weekly bath.  These are the only ones that still live in the house.  The rest are in the greenhouse where they get a periodic drench from the hose.  

The last few freezing days with high winds finally knocked the foliage off of the contorted filbert just in time for the late January show when the catkins elongate and dangle in the breeze.

All but this one tenacious leaf. 

Even in the cold, colchicum are prepared for spring.  Snowdrop foliage is visible and the potted hyacinths, left outside to chill are also showing green.  The leaves littering the bed are an organic protective mulch, not the sign of a lazy gardener.  (If you believe that, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.)

It's too cold outside so lets go into the greenhouse where it's a bit warmer.  Schlumbergeras continue to bloom.  I really must put some moss around the bottom of that pot to camouflage it's heinousness.

 There are a lot of plants spending the winter in here.

The heater is going almost constantly during this freeze.  Hopefully it'll warm up soon. 

It's colder on the floor than on the shelves and one of the more tender things looks like it wants to be just a bit warmer.  Fortunately, I have a small back-up for that plant hanging around.

There is always a winter loss or two.  Usually a succulent that somehow got watered.  Oops. 

Happy eleventh day of Christmas!


  1. How nice to see some new growth outdoors. Usually I have snowdrops by St. Pat's but that is a long ways from now.

  2. I planted snowdrops a couple of months ago but haven't been back to that spot to check on them in a while. It's too cold, especially this morning, when our thermometer is finally showing a temp in the teens. I hustle out to the greenhouse every day just to spend a few moments checking on things and to drink in the thriving plants.

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  4. "The leaves littering the bed are an organic protective mulch"... Exactly!
    I do the same thing for that exact reason. And to prove (mostly to myself) that I'm not lazy, these rotting leaves will be picked up later in sprint and replaced by a new festive mulch cover.
    How many weeks till the NW Flower and Garden show?

  5. I have so many Tillandsias now that I have to bathe them in shifts, spread out over a couple of days. I'm looking forward to the warmer days when many of them go back outside and the hose gets aimed at them every once and awhile. How warm do you keep it in the gargreenhouse?

    1. I try to keep it at around 50 in ther but I'm thinking that it got closer to 40 during the cold snap. I'll have to go check when I get home.

  6. I love the random shots, especially those of your beautiful (and very crowded) greenhouse.

  7. Brave little things, poking their noses out in this weather.

  8. So, tell me more about this bridge. I do the same in my garden, though my young plants don't produce much leaf litter yet. I love these random shots. My colchicums are coming up, too, but they're currently under the snow.

  9. All great shots! Your greenhouse continues to be fabulous. Now go and de-heinous that pot!

  10. What a treat to have your greenhouse stuffed with goodies to enjoy during the winter.

    My Tillandsias are doing their thing outdoors. When we get weather down into the 30's I basically only bring in the orchids.

    I will enjoy seeing your snowdrops grow and bloom along with all the other beauties in your gardens when the time is right.

    Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  11. We actually dump more leaves on our flower and shrub beds. It is a protective mulch, and the worms work it from below, enriching the soil too.
    It is wonderful that here in the coastal PNW we no sooner rake up fallen leaves than we have to watch out for sprouting new growth. Winter is not dead here.

  12. I think your greenhouse must be a lovely place to be on a cold freezing day, much better than being outside.

  13. I imagine you are so grateful you turned your garage into a greenhouse. I know the plants are happy too! Great update...lots of winter gardening interest in spite of your freezing weather. We are having two nights of freezing temperatures. Need to wrap my porch plants. I am still trying to figure out how to turn part of my porch into a temporary greenhouse. Happy New Year!

  14. Well, I'm glad to see there is no gender-based discrimination in that building, both men and women hit a brick wall.


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