Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Visiting a Nursery During A Cold Snap

So, what do nurseries do when the weather turns really cold?  I visited Watson's over the weekend just to see.  The parking lot there is almost always full on weekends  so I was surprised that there were only two other cars in the lot when we pulled in.  Seems that some folks are thinking things other than gardening about now.  Hmm.    Anyway, all of the woody plants (trees, shrubs, evergreens) were still outside in their regular spots.  Watson's has a large covered area (roof, no walls on three sides)  attached to the greenhouses. In this area, hardy plants and annuals are sometimes covered with row cover fabric at night.  This cold snap called for more radical action.

Where did all the plants go? 

Some were on wheels and had spent the night inside.

Others remained inside. 

That's probably why their heucheras look like this.

While mine look like this.  Mine did perk up a bit when the weather warmed. 

I wanted to check out the  70% off Christmas merchandise inside and ended up purchasing a silver ball and eucalyptus seed capsule wreath and a large bottle brush tree that I'd admired earlier and ended up spending nothing for them as I still had space on a gift certificate. 

There are always things to admire.

And others not so much.
Great art is always large and matches your couch, right?  It's comforting to know that one can now obtain hippieastrum (Amaryllis) bulbs and candles that match.  ($44.99 You  know you were curious.)

Happy Weekend!  Only 66 more days until spring. 


  1. Wow! I've never been there during a cold snap like we're having. The outside area looks so odd when it's bare. I'm hopeful that this cold weather will be gone soon.

  2. The amaryllis makes me want to laugh and cringe. I was hoping to relieve my cabin fever this week with a trip to Portland Nursery, but the snow has put a delay on that until things melt.

  3. Cheerful parrots in a bare tree, reminds me of a Christmas song...

  4. I've seen the wax covered bulbs, but never with the matching candles. Good lord.

  5. Oh my, but why (re: the candle/amaryllis)? Weird. I think you guys have had more snow that we have, or close, this winter. But we've had a couple of brutal, subzero cold snaps. I'm not sure which is worse. Take care, and I hope you'll have an early spring. :)

  6. I love that painting!

    66 days to spring, means 66 days until I turn 68. Yikes!

    I think it's nice that you have so many nurseries to visit during winter.

    Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  7. mud, mud and more mud, that's what I'm looking at around these parts ! Our nurseries down here pretend that there is no winter so the outside stuff stays outside. At least no one has had to water anything lately.

  8. Well, now I know where the plants go in the cold.
    I have to wonder what the conversation is like as plant people consent to allowing painted plants and bulbs in their stores.

  9. Matching candles! What next.
    You're counting the days till Spring, while I am sick of this 40 plus degree celcius summer weather, and am counting the days until Winter.
    Hope things warm up for you soon Peter!

  10. I'm not surprised that the amaryllis with matching candle was still unsold! Hope it soon warms up for you, keep warm!

  11. Hello Peter !!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog .. and yes .. treadmills do hang clothes very well .. BIG sigh ! haha .. You made me so envious with seeing these heuchera .. Spring is much farther away than 66 days for us .. but I will take your word for it .. knowing you are enjoying yourself in the garden while I am trying to brush snow off of things ? haha You naughty devil.
    OMG ... that is a first .. a candle matching the amaryllis .. LOL
    Take care and keep up the good work on finding plants and goodies I would love too .. I live vicariously through YOU ! haha
    Take care
    Joy : )

  12. Now we know what all those wheeled carts are for. What is it with this creepy transformation of bulbs into plastic-coated toys? I hate when plants become "product."

  13. How convenient. That amaryllis will need someone to light a candle for it, and now it all comes together in one set.
    I'd say something about the other offerings but am afraid a tinge of slightly bitter jealousy would come through. I don't mean to be like that but things do look so nice, and all we have here are icy pots of brown leaves!


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