Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Garden of Susan and Guy Pittman Encore

You may remember a previous visit to this garden as I had the pleasure of a private tour in September of last year. Previous post here. This year, it was the seventh garden on the Federal Way Symphony Garden Tour and right next door to Andersen's Italian Escape.

"You'v heard of plant obsession?   Come and see the garden of one truly afflicted.  Everything is fair game - and not just on or two species in a genus.  Grasses, daphnes, lilies, irises, evergreens, magnolias, and their relatives, etc. ar all tied up in eclectic variety in box borders."

A garden after my own heart, full of great plants!  

My garden wishes it were as tidy as this one!

"To augment the cacophony are the concrete creations of Guy.  Giant balls, pots, and benches add just the right amount of art."

"Add a pond and you've got heaven on earth in this four season garden."

The placement of this pot is perfect. (for an agave to thrive in it)

 Great structure/design and an enviable collection of plants.  Who could ask for more?

Perhaps a small hill.  Got that too!

The greenhouse, that had just been started last year is now complete.  Guy built this from scratch too. Is there anything that man can't make?

Beautifully set at the top of the hill, it makes a great focal point.  The plant at the far right is my pal Alison, the Bonney Lassie and my partner in garden touring/plant shopping  crime.  

Lobelia tupa looking especially nice, but then all of the plants in the Pittman garden looked very happy and healthy!

Thanks Susan and Guy for opening your "heaven on earth" for us all to enjoy!


  1. Nice collection of plants and space to show them off :)

  2. Wow! I am really impressed that they were just building that greenhouse last year. I went back to your previous post and read it through again. This really was a great garden.

  3. Fabulously gorgeous. Thank you ;-)

  4. I'm really becoming addicted to the blue sky in all of your garden visits. What a summer! (I keep saying that I know, but really!)

  5. The rocks, cement creations and wooden pergolas makes everything else perfect. The green house is adorable. What's the large area in the first picture?

    1. The area in the first picture is part of the driveway.

  6. Another garden that's easy to love! Lots of space, a large variety of plants, and the right amount of garden art. I wish I were handy with concrete.

  7. Now this is a great garden...so easy on the eye - guy certainly is a genius of the diy!

  8. It's a lovely garden with a masterful use of structural elements. I love those benches.

  9. Wonderful garden, Peter. I love the combination of different types of foliage, of colors. I also liked the waterfall and granite benches.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. A wonderful garden. Obviously keen and knowledgeable gardeners. And how great to be able to build a greenhouse like that.

  11. Yet another PNW garden that rivals many botanical gardens elsewhere! The banana in the first pic, and the very squared modern benches really stand out in a great way. Thanks for the tour, Outlaw!


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