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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Andersen's Italian Escape

The next stop on the Federal Way Symphony Garden Tour was the garden of Donna-Mari and Chuck Andrsen. 

"Our Italian escape is a mix of formal hedges, framed green 'bowling lawns,' statuesque Italian cypress, and a smattering of whimsical English and Pacific Northwest inspired plantings along with several Italian-style concrete statues."

At the top of the driveway is this entry garden.

On one side of the house.

A view back from across the large sports court, 

 The back of the home features this fabulous covered outdoor kitchen.  I wish my indoor kitchen were this spacious and beautiful!

From inside the kitchen looking at the dining area.

Breakfast bar.

"The property lends a very neat and formal attitude while still exuding the natural style and whimsy of comfort."  

 Pergola on the south side of the house next to the "South Bowling Green."

Love the hug serpentine mixed border.  What a perfect lawn; glad I don't have to mow it!

 Looking back at the pergola and house.  

Lovely stream.  

Past the water feature the path continues on to

another seating area.

The featured artist in this garden was Dehanna Jones Totally Blown Glassworks whose work you may have seen at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show or a variety of other venues.

More of Dehanna's work and an excuse to get one last peek of this lovely space.

Thank you Donna-Marie and Chuck for opening your garden for us to enjoy!


  1. I was surprised that was an outdoor kitchen, it looks like an indoor one and I mean that in a good way :)

  2. This was a beautiful garden, although those poor Ligularias really wanted a drink on that hot day.

  3. Interesting mix of styles in a place that could pass as a resort.

  4. My first thought was "oh no, not a formal garden!", but after seeing the photos it does seem to be quite comfortable too. A nice surprise!

    BTW, how many gardens did you visit on this tour? Seems like dozens!

    1. Only eight gardens on this tour. Two more to go.

  5. This is not my style, but man, that outdoor kitchen looks fantastic, as do all the architectural details in the 2nd photo.

  6. An Italian Villa is what this is. My favorite part is the pergola which is just magnificent. The whole scheme has a Mediterranean feel to it; like going on vacation to Tuscany. I love those wooden window frames with the pointed tip: a bit like church windows: they are very appealing. You may be glad not to mow that lawn, I'm glad not having to water it... And is it Allison I see fixing drinks at the bar?

    1. Good point about the watering! That is Alison in the kitchen fixing drinks at the bar!

  7. Quite a fascinating place! No Italian am I , but it did seem to have quite an authentic "feel" to me - fit the style of the house, etc. I like it!

  8. Hello Dear Mr. Peter ... I am so glad you won't have to be stressed any more about my mystery plant!LOL .. Yes .. it will provide late season colour and "green" up the back fence where it was once more bare bones ...
    This tour has been amazing ... maybe some day when that lottery kicks in ? haha
    Love those glass globes .. so pretty ... the stream and pond are gorgeous ... I wonder how much work they actually do in this garden ? wink wink
    Thank you for the tour
    Joy : )
    PS the pergola was my favorite too !

  9. Another lovely garden. And you can tell by the mix of maturity in the background plantings that this is definitely an evolving labour of love for the owners (although I shudder to think how much maintenance that stunning lawn would require - it leaves my mown patch of weeds for dead!!!!).
    That stream is really beautiful


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