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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Garden of George Shriver and Omar Watson

The second garden on the Federal Way Symphony garden tour was that of George and Omar.
"Welcome to the Shriver/Watson garden.  You are greeted stret side with a showing of crocosmia and shasta daisies. To the right you will pass a hillside of perennials and enter a blue gate to the backyard."

This gorgeous planting by the driveway let us know that we we were entering an colorful and exuberantly planted garden.

Beautifully grown eryngium.

On the other side of the driveway is this entry garden space here used by Cheryl Lassonde's Garden in Glass Windchimes.

Moving around to the side of the house. 

The path leads to the gate mentioned above. 

"There, a pool and patio are is surrounded by beautiful gardens. On the south slope, one can view the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.  Down the pathway, one will pass a rose trellis, honeysuckle arbor, columns, a magnolia tree, greenhouse, and a vegetable garden."

I'd never seen bottle trees arranged like this before. Striking!

A large part of the garden is on a hill behind the house which overlooks the pond and patio area and has nice views.

 This is a garden full of cheerful color.  I'm in love with these columns!

Such a great use of this slope behind the pond area!

"As we near the pool and patio we see an assortment of potted flowers and plants.  All in all, this garden serves as a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the pleasant surroundings"

A waterfall trickles down the hill.

Gabion bench - clever!

And as Danger says, there's always an agave.  Sometimes even an aloe!

View from the patio.  

Tuberous begonias have it made in the shade.

I overheard one of the gardeners saying to a guest, "We do like color." I should say so and what a spectacularly colorful garden these gentlemen have created.

Thank you George and Omar for opening your garden for us all to admire!


  1. It was a beautiful and colorful garden. I focused on how the color in the pillow matched the daylily flowering near it, I didn't even notice the gabion part of the bench, so very clever. Did you notice those interesting and different bottle trees also had Christmas lights twined around them? I bet that is a cool sight at night.

  2. Love that exuberance--I'm also a coloraholic.

    Bottle trees done right--who'd a' thought?

    Thanks for the tour!

  3. "Sometimes even an aloe...." ah yes...

  4. Exuberant is a perfect word for this garden. It seems to have everything: meandering paths, whimsy art, layered planting, colorful borders. A good mix of evergreens and perennials. Such a lovely garden, no reason to 'Wine'... I loved that arbor, covered with something in full bloom.

  5. Colorful for sure! Definitely plant people -- is there any room for more plants? It looks *packed*!

  6. I'm liking their garden, even more so that one of that is an 'Omar' ;)

  7. Love the columns and the new take on bottle trees.

  8. What a lovely abundant garden! I like how the how plants are right to the edge of that pool (I take it the pool plays second fiddle to the garden to ensure no splashing!!)

  9. There is no end to wonderful gardens in the PNW, is there?

  10. What a beautifully exuberant garden!

  11. this is a dangerous garden, leading to plant lust in otherwise innocent gardeners! I love the narrow path leading through a jungly type area and the rose arch.

  12. I'm in love (too) with these blue columns
    Realy a good idee...

  13. Another in a line of beautiful gardens. George and Omar have created an exceptionally colourful space.

  14. I love this garden. The waterfall trickling down the slope is so cool. And all the plants... very nice.


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