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Friday, August 7, 2015

Federal Way Symphony Garden Tour Part One: Last Chance Garden

"This delightful garden could be called 'the Last chance' garden since many of the plants were rescued from half price and bargain tables."

Alison looked at google earth shots of this garden and a year or so ago, there was noting here by way of garden. Suzy  Blair and David Servick have certainly been busy gardeners to have done all of this in so short a time!

"The garden is an ever evolving experiment in edible landscaping.  There are pumpkins growing among the arborvitaes, strawberries with petunias, and the purple flowers of the eggplant add a regal toubh to the perennial boarders along the driveway."

We use kale as others use azaleas.  With the help of fuchsias, sunflowers, and a tiny pond we are able to keep relatively bug free by coaxing our feathered friends into our little heaven."

Suzy made these pots!

 Nothing like a flowery bed to cheer one!

In the Federal Way Symphony tour, each gardener is paired with an artist/crafter whose wares are available for sale.  In this case the artist and gardener are the same.  Suzy Blair who works in concrete or hypertufa.

I'm sorry I didn't grab one of these faces.  Fortunately Suzy's Pottet Anthropic Rock has an email address so one could  shop at another time.

Look, a bamboo back there!

 This garden certainly demonstrates that growing edibles and ornamentals together can be beautiful!

So bight and happy!

Tomato jungle.

Healthy looking peach tree!  They're very prone to disease here.  Sad as I love fresh peaches.

More of Suzy's creations.

It's hard not to smile in the midst of all of this floral fun.

Thanks Suzy and David for opening your garden and showing us how much you've done in only a year!

Happy sunny weekend everyone!


  1. Looks nice now, but it will be soooo good in a couple more years. You visit a remarkable number of gardens...

  2. It will be interesting to follow this garden as they turn up on more tours. I'm wondering the direction they'll take. Will this remain a rehab center for remainder plants? Will there be a hedge or trellis work to screen the neighbor's RV? Can they make room for a place to sit in the front garden? Is a bigger, more permanent greenhouse in their future? Will the front lawn shrink? Do they need a berm? I want to see this garden in winter.

    Peaches produce well here only with large doses of fungicide and insecticide. Peaches are high maintenance, but oh, the end result!

    The last photo of Zinnias and Castor Bean is a wonderful combo. I must go back and look at every view, up close.

  3. This certainly was a beautiful garden. I was so taken with all the flowers that I barely noticed the edibles tucked in with them. And I was just amazed that it was so different from the street view that I found on Google.

  4. Ooooh - that Croc/Monarda combo is HOT!

  5. That's a lovely dictum, to have a garden with rescued plants :)

  6. She made all those pots? Wow. Talented lady.

  7. The name "Last Chance Garden" is genius.

    There is a LOT going on, maybe a little too much, but as you said, it sure brings a smile to your face.

  8. You're right! This one DOES put a smile on one's face! I want to venture into the edibles next year. I've had very little experience in vegetable gardening but have been helping a friend a bit....Maybe just begin with some border lettuce & spinach & a tomato plant or two?

  9. These baby pots are darling! (Did any come home with your?) The colors and textures are dazzling. "Tomato jungles" must be in vogue this summer :-)
    I often wondered about gardens that are lush perennial borders; what do they look like in the midst of winter and if the gardener is feeling the blues looking at them so bare.

  10. This is a little bit like the "tough love" sale at Cistus at the end of the season. Amazing what can be accomplished with a little extra TLC.

  11. Wow, that is impressive in a year! Love those hypertufa pots - they are gorgeous! Putting edibles in the border is so interesting too. I love the Last Chance Garden theme. That describes a good portion of my garden too :)

  12. Thank you so much for visiting. Come back again!

    Suzy and David

  13. This is breathtaking... Suzy you are an incredible artist.


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