Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cornell Farm Nursery

This was only my second visit to Cornell Farm in Portland. My first visit happened a little over a year ago and that post can be found here.  Cornell Farm is a large nearly thirty-year-old full service nursery (really plant store)  where beautiful plants, pots, and giftware mingle in displays that are a delight to the eye.

So much color.  May is a grand month isn't it?

Do you see something more than a flat of Saxifraga stolonifera in bloom? 

Let's get a little bit closer (just the lens, I kept a respectful distance.)  Another shopper said that the mother flew away as they approached.  I've no idea what bird it could have been.  The diminutive nest holds three pure white eggs.  This was quite different from the Killdeer I saw earlier in the day at Rare Plant Research who stood her ground screaming at passersby to  protect her nest built in a one gallon pot of Lewisia.  More on that in a later post. 

Some really nice plant combination ideas.

Yummy!  Who needs flowers with foliage this colorful?

 The succulent craze seems to be intensifying.  The more the merrier, right? 

Cordyline 'Electric Flash' in this arrangement is the only one they got this year.   So tempted to pull the plant, substitute another cordyline from the nearby selection and use the empty pot for this one. There were lots of helpful staff people around though so I'd most likely get caught and banned from the place for life. Fortunately, Cistus still had a few left in gallon sizes so I sped down the hill just in time to get one.  Bless the Cistus staff for letting me get it a few minutes after closing time!

Seriously tempted by this Clematis florida var. sieboldiana!  Isn't it pretty?
Unusually shaped galvanized metal pots... drool.

They come in a wide variety of sizes, too! One of the smallest ones came home with me.

The back of this house is as charming as the front!  I'd love to live here but wouldn't want to be responsible for keeping that much space tidy.  Who am I trying to kid, I don't even keep the space I have tidy.

The rose garden was entirely in pots. 

I bet you can imagine how delightfully fragrant this area is.

The selection was quite nice.  The area displaying David Austin roses was as large as the entire rose area at some nurseries.  Nothing extraordinary, no old/heirloom roses on their own roots or anything like that but  a nice variety to be sure.

Happy plant shopping!  


  1. Can't help but hover longer on their pots, especially that very striking blue one with the cordyline!

  2. Oh that little Killdeer at RPR was breaking my heart. I wanted to put a big circle around that area and tell people to stay away (a la Far Reaches). To think she had to put up with two days of that. I hope she (and her babies) are okay.

    Also I note that CF stole my idea! I planted several blue agave pups in a sea of purple Tradescantia just a week or so ago...

  3. I remember our accidental visit there last year. We stumbled across it while looking for somewhere else. It was a very happy accident. I've never seen anything like those round galvanized pots anywhere else, good thing you snagged one.

  4. I hope the mother bird and her eggs make it through incubation and infancy. I loved that concrete table with all the tiny succulent and that shed in your final photo. I really want a shed...or a greenhouse.

  5. Reading Alison's comment I find out you got one of those fabulous galvanized pots! Great purchase. I want to see how you use it.
    I can't believe a bird would choose such a public busy area for a nest. I wish they could cordoned it off.
    I thought their indoor displays looked very homey even before I realized they belong to this fabulous house.
    Succulents craze? I must be nuts because I can't have enough of them.

  6. Looks great, and I love the arches (trellis gates?) that lead to the different areas, especially the one in the second photo. :)

  7. That nest is tiny! I actually also rather like the Saxifraga stolonifera; I never see it around here and wish it was more commonly available.

  8. Good to know that CF has that many roses. Now I'll know where to send people that come in looking for such things. CF is just up the road from us, so next time you're in the area, come down and see us, would ya? :)

    1. Next trip to Portland, I'll definitely stop by!


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