Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Snohomish Garden of Chris and Don Hoerner

I apologize in advance for the large number of photographs in this post.  It was difficult to whittle them down this far as the Hoerner garden is large and full of plant and garden art treasures.

"After 19 years, we have our half-acre garden fully landscaped with an emphasis on Japanese maples, roses, and a variety of perennials."

"in most cases, color and texture determine plant placement, with the color yellow/gold predominant in many areas."

Look at those healthy brugmansias!

Beauty at every turn.

Eryngium 'Miss Wilmott's Ghost.'

Seldom seen in gardens in this area is Phytolacca americana 'Variegata,' a favorite of mine. 

Say it with me, you know you want to, "There's always an agave!"

"Wehave collected a variety of art pieces to display throughout our garden, have placed individual and groups of containers within the garden and near our front entry area, and have added a potting shed and 'Grain Auger' water feature."

This pot/plant combination stopped me in my tracks!  Must try and incorporate this into my own garden somewhere.

Even in our hot and dry July, moss was still green. 

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty.'

What do you suppose is inside that groovy garden shed?  The door's open, so let's see!

The wide serpentine grass paths create continuity throughout the garden.  I love me some curvy paths!

One doesn't want to leave anything in the path of the Hoerners lest it become a planter!

The fragrance of sweet peas in this flower bed was a special treat.  Since the Hoerners obviously never sleep, they might as well use their bed for something, right?

Bold or subtle, the color and foliage combinations here are masterfully done. 

In love with this column!

Many thanks to hosts Don and Chris Hoerner for opening their stunning garden for so many to enjoy. Thanks also for suggesting a visit to McAuliffe's Valley Nursery!

Happy weekend and happy gardening all!


  1. With a garden this inspirational and lovely, it would be hard to have too many pictures. Am going back for another look at a few ideas to steal. Love the him/her photo with matching shoes!

  2. What a lovely garden, it just goes on and on. I can only hope after 19 years that I have my own in such splendid shape, but I doubt it. I've got 11 more to go.

  3. This garden is perfection, I'm speechless! Chapeau!

  4. Peter, there's never any need to apologize for showing us such garden fantasies as this one.On seeing the second photo with red Japanese maples, my jaw dropped. So beautiful. I so long for a garden like this, but it will never happen. I must be content with photo tours like this one. Thank you so much.

  5. This is July?? What a botanical bonanza. I so admire gardens that look this floriferous at this time. Those neat edges. And well, you had to take picture after picture. I am glad you didn't edit too many out. I could look at more and more. Good combinations and so many colors. I have no doubt they don't sleep much. They must tend their garden constantly and it shows with all this beauty.

  6. Wow! We'll have to get back up to Snohomish for the tour next year. It has been a while and I don't think we have seen this amazing garden.

  7. A half-acre? Are you sure? It seems SO much bigger!

  8. An Agave, an Opuntia AND a gorgeous patch of Impatiens omeiana!

  9. What a stunning garden, I would have thought it was ten acres! Beautifully planted and the color combinations are fantastic. Once again, thank you for the tour of an exceptional garden. :-)

  10. breathtakingly beautiful and varied garden but surprised there was no water feature?

  11. I absolutely love this whole garden. I could wander around it for hours, days and see something different with each stroll.

    Thanks again for sharing another wonderful garden ~ FlowerLady

  12. I'd pay a lot more then 5 cents to tour this magnificent garden; it feels huge, done with impeccable taste and show the talent of the gardening duo. I love every bit. Podophyllum in a pot? I'd like to give that a try.

    BTW Peter, something specific to your blog didn't allow me to leave a comment from abroad, where I was for the past two weeks. I promise I read each and every post, but it would be too OCD to go back and leave comments now... :-)

  13. Love all that red and purple foliage. I often have the same problem when it comes to whittling down the number of photos for a post.

  14. Stunning, indeed! (I confess to scrolling and not reading...How many acres IS this place, anyway?!?) I enjoyed the indoor shots of the garden shed, too.


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