Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mark Henry's Garden

"In'town 'Italian-style' garden found behind privet hedge and entered by gothic gate."  

Even though there was a green NPA Open sign on the gate, I felt almost as if I were trespassing into someone's tightly-held secret garden.  The gate creaked open and many wonders unfurled one after another.

It never ceases to amaze me that a simple hedge can separate a busy street from a garden of solace and relaxation; that a garden can surround us with beauty, quiet,  peace, and fun in the midst of  the city's bustle.

Do you suppose a gardener lives here? 

"Explore  the many rooms, each distinctive, but with similar emphasis on colored -foliage plants."

What a magnificent porch!

"There is a formal area around the Little and Lewis fountain that features hybrid lilies.  The fountain contains a collection of antique Japanese glass balls."   Mark joked that if he found one of anything that he liked, he soon created a collection.  I'd met another kindred spirit in Snohomish.

"The garden has been featured in many publications, including Thomas Hobbs' book, The Jewel Box Garden."

A Wardian case nestled among foliage.  There are treasures to be found at every turn in this garden of someone who clearly enjoys collecting plants as much as objects.

Zingy bright orange Alstroemeria.

So many happy and healthy plants!

I was already smitten with this garden when the sight of this potted aloe deepened my affection. 

"The chicken house is gone, and an English greehouse is in its place."

"Other formal elements are found in a boxwood knot garden."

On the other end of the greenhouse is this collection of agaves and other succulents. 

An enclosed dining area lies behind the succulent collection. 

Here's Mark sharing stories about his garden and collections. 

Another look at that cool dining area.

 Back around the other side of the house.

Mr. Henry pulled out all the stops in his exuberant garden.  Ornamental pipes from an organ removed from a church where Mark had sung in the choir are repurposed  here as a support for a climbing hydrangea.

Had to circle around to the side garden once again to get a shot of this bust that looks as if it fell from the broken column. Had the Visigoths sacked Snohomish as well?

I would have loved to stay in this garden all day.

Too soon it was time to say goodbye to this magical world.  
Thank you, Mark, for opening your garden for so many to enjoy!


  1. WOW. So fabulous. And I can see why you love it so much, Peter. A kindred spirit. Thanks for all these great shots. I love it.

  2. Every garden you visit is more amazing than the last. The minute you walked through that door I knew you were in heaven. I did, however, blanch at the thought of watering all those pots!

  3. A PNW classic, right down to the Little & Lewis fountain. Wonderful visit, thank you, Peter.

  4. What a great garden! So cool that you found yet another lover of stuff in Snohomish. I bet you felt tempted to pick something up and stick it in one of those empty birdcages.

  5. I don't usually like formal hedges, but this is just done so well, and that Gothic gate fits perfectly! I love the Parthenocissus henryana crawling across the free-standing gate.

  6. Thanks for sharing this amazing garden. And thanks to Evan for the plant ID above - i was just about to ask if anyone knew what it was. That must look spectacular when the leaves turn red in autumn.

  7. What a wonderful, creative, magic place. Organ pipes as hydrangea supports, the outdoor dining spot, all the little treasures to discover.

  8. Beautiful! I loved the front entry and the porch, as well as all the smaller artistic touches that looked as though they'd been collected over decades, each finding a perfect place in the garden to settle. I did find the hedge and its door a little foreboding and would have half expected gargoyles in place of pots in the second photo of the area above the door.

  9. Amazing to think this is all one garden property - wow!

  10. Incredible garden! Some people do potted plants (and cages!) so well! Thanks for sharing the highlights.

  11. Fascinating garden. I will have to go over these pictures a time or two to take it all in. It is no wonder you felt like you could stay here all day. I could too.

  12. Wow. This was great with so much to see, many paths to explore. An inspiration.

    Thanks again for sharing Peter ~ FlowerLady

  13. We have been in Mark's garden several times, and each time it is different. Looks like he has done a lot more collecting since our last visit.

  14. Wow. This one is definitely my favorite. So much stuff in there but still not cluttered or overgrown... I don't know how that's even possible!
    I love my garden, but for just a moment I am considering giving it up and moving in with Mark. I'm not sure how he would feel about that.


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