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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Garden of John McWilliams and Tom Gorz

On a sunny Saturday at the beginning of July, I had the pleasure of visiting the garden of John McWilliams and Tom Gorz.

"We have worked on our small garden for more than 15 years.  The focus has been on the overall composition of pathways, borders, and dwelling spaces, as well as the details of individual plant structure, foliage, and bloom."

Lovely swaying grass welcomes visitors and beckons them to traverse the path.

The use of a variety of paving materials and curved lines seemed to expand the garden.

The front garden rises up on a large slope from the street below yet because of clever design reveals itself little by little with delights at every turn.

Sweet Alyssum erupting from interstices between rocks flanking the staircase shared the gift of their incense-like fragrance.

"Weeping forms of trees and dwarf shrubs are employed throughout. Existing paving and fencing has been removed and replaced with shrubs and perennials."

Winding past the front of the house and heading to the back garden.  

Isn't this a fun planter?

"This year, we have been regrading the rockery and sunken garden to create more space for plants.  In July, the front garden consists mostly of white flowers, ornamental grasses and evergreen shrubs, while the back garden displays vibrant orange and red blossoms."

What could be a better way to spend a summer day than enjoying a gorgeous garden and chatting with it's gardeners?
Thanks John and Tom for opening your garden for us all to enjoy!


  1. That grassy row in the first photo is such an inviting planting. And I love their sculpture and planters. Simple but effective.

  2. You are such a busy garden blogger!
    How nice must it be to have the possibility to visit so many wonderful planted and designed gardens!

  3. I know that rascal of a red hollyhock poking up in the gravel walk. That is the way they like it here. This may be a small garden but it is chock full of interesting plants. Yep, just they way I like it. Beautiful.

  4. Great use of stone, so well integrated!

  5. Love the patio cover. I hope my garden looks nearly this good when I have another 9 years into it.

  6. We enjoyed that garden too, and had a long chat with "Dad" while sitting on that deck.

  7. Oh my gosh. I feel tired just thinking about the time and effort that went into this... plus all the work on getting it ready for a tour, it looks immaculate!
    What a soothing garden and the weather looks perfect for a nap in the sun... maybe naps are the reason my garden will never look as nice as this.

  8. Love the use of Alliums and the winding paths.


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