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Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Olympia Garden of Judy Montoure and Dorian Sanchez

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely garden as part of the Northwest Perennial Alliance's Open Gardens program.

"Our 3/4 acre urban garden has two distinctively different personalities with year-round interest. It is maintained organically and is a certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary."

"The front garden is a peaceful and relaxing woodland park-like setting, with raised beds featuring Japanese maples, specialty conifers, ornamental grasses, ferns, perennial ground covers, and a large pond with a waterfall."  I missed a whole section of this garden containing the pond and waterfall because I was drawn to the tropical area.  I apologize and will make sure to find it next time the garden is open!  However, you can see an image of that area and much better images of the garden without the midday sun here."

""Following the main garden path through a long arbor draped with ornamental grapes, visitors leave this quiet woodland and enter the tropics!"

Which way is the garden? 

"Our back garden is an exciting electric blend of hardy bananas, palms, cannas, taro,  large colorful annual containers, and many other intense plantings that provide variation in texture, form and color.

Musa basjoo in bloom!

"A little Asian flair has also been added in. Garden rooms, seating areas and water features provide the perfect setting for entertaining."

"Our garden has been featured in the Olympian newspaper, the 2008 Garden Conservancy Open Days directory, and the Spring 2017 Pacific Horticulture Magazine."

 Lots of fun details to notice!

Back out along the other side of the house. 
Thank you Judy and Dorian for opening your lovely garden for so many to enjoy!


  1. I saw Judy and Dorian's garden back in 2012 when it was on the Garden Conservancy tour. I love the area with all the purple and black touches, and I remember being blown away by the tropical theme of their back garden.

  2. It took me a minute to realize that gorgeous Hosta-type leaf was art! Love the change on the path from shade to light and all their seating areas.

  3. I love that this garden is a certified Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary!
    It isn't every day you see banana in bloom, Very cool. I also enjoyed the link to the rest of the garden. They have a lovely pond. I'm glad bamboo culm are a thing, I do love that look.

  4. Thanks for the link to the PacHort story. I was feeling a little déjà vu looking at your photos and I couldn't figure out why.

  5. Tropical gardens in the PNW surprise me but I don't know why they should - everything grows up your way!

  6. I love the orange room. It is a tropical paradise.

  7. Wonderful place. Thanks for another great tour! I especially enjoyed all the nifty, artful arrangements of glass balls and potted plants.

  8. I like the giant blue egg beneath the banana tree. But where's the baby dinosaur?


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