Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, August 10, 2018

How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?

It wouldn't be too difficult if Tapestry Garden and Farm were the location in question.

"We purchased our farm in late 2014, so our gardens are young, but already vibrant and growing.  As a working organic farm we have incorporated extensive vegetable and herb gardens, a chicken coop made from mostly repurposed and reused materials and the beginnings of our orchard.  We also have a meadow garden and pollinator-friendly borders. "

"Perennial borders for sun and shade feature both tried and true plants and some choice finds.  Whimsical art and vintage finds are tucked amongst the plants, as well as 80-plus varieties of Japanese maple, our specialty."

You never know who you'll run into at these open gardens!  He seems to be well grounded if a bit cracked. 

 "new additions include hedgerows with a focus on native plants and berry-bearing plants to provide both cover and food for birds and other wildlife.  Plus a children's garden and tree fort!"

I find twig fences attractive and this one is used to  hide the composting operation.

What the cluck?   The ladies were enjoying the sunny day. 

"Sustainability in alll of our gardening practices is extremely important to us and we hope that you will both enjoy and learn from our experiences here, turning fallow farmland back into a viable, productive and beautiful place for people, plants, crops, and wildlife."

Onions laid out to dry.

Is a fence made of doors the plan for these? 

Notice the arm of the bench planted with Sempervivum.

I wonder if this sign is a deterrent to hungry rabbits? This bunny seems to be reading and heeding or maybe that's Peter Rabbit wondering how he'll retrieve his shoes and jacket which are so high over his head.

 One can buy produce shares seasonally and there's a small nursery as well.  How cool is that?

These were made by a local concrete artist.  I really like them and may have to go back to pick some up.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Star Gazer' 

Dr. Seussian (Truffula trees) clematis seed head.  

Is that a power tie you're wearing today Felix?

One more look before it's time to return the plantmobile.  Where will Carmen (Elantra) take us next?

For more information about Tapestry Garden and farm, including business hours and lots of beautiful pictures, please visit their website and if you're ever in the area stop by and spend some time "down on the farm."

Happy weekend all!


  1. Definitely a mature looking garden for its age. Love that twiggy fence!

  2. What a great place, they have some cool stuff! Good shot of the Clematis seedhead. I love the driftwood potting bench, it looks child-size? And the rusty Cupid wreath, what fun!

  3. They've done a LOT in just 4 years! I loved the child's fort - it had me wondering if I should have asked "my builder" for a roof-top deck on my lath house.

  4. You had me at "80-plus varieties of Japanese maple"!
    I love the driftwood furniture and twig fence. They follow the 3 R's: reduce, reuse recycle. Not to mention the organic garden.

  5. Has something for every taste it looks like -- the visions of multiple people combined!

  6. "What the cluck"? How do you think of those things? Your blog always makes me smile.

    They've made great progress on their property in a short period of time. Bravo!

  7. A lot of interesting details they offer here. I esp. love the driftwood furniture!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH for such a pleasurable treat my friend!

    What a stunning and beautiful garden!

    From your passion about gardening one can obviously learn a Lot!

  9. What an interesting place. I love all the details you highlighted. The furniture is outstanding, one of a kinds.

  10. What a beautiful and different type of farm! I love the concrete tiles. Local sustainable farms like that are such a boon for a community.

  11. Fun place! Yes, I would say the song fits so well! I love, love, love clematis seed heads. :)

  12. A beautiful place. Love all the garden art.


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