Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cindy Andre's Garden

Back to garden touring!  Cindy Andre's garden in Carnation, WA is sunny, bright, and full of beautiful edible and ornamental plants.  Her paw paw trees even had fruit on them!

Sometimes, when arriving in a neighborhood, it's obvious which garden is on the tour!

Salmon swimming through Japanese Blood Grass.  

I recently learned that our native Mahonia berries are edible but have a strong taste.  I'll have to give it a try although I much prefer to leave them on the shrub to admire.  They last a long time and provide food for the birds

"Filled with huge forest trees and lots of shade when I moved here in 2009, I now have a full-sun 1/3 acre, with landscaping increasing and lawn decreasing each year.

I'd seen a bicycle wheel with colored plates in it at a previous garden I visited in the area.  Turns out, Cindy is the one who makes them along with her friend who lives across the street.

I admire well-placed empty pots.  Mine somehow always get filled with a plant or ten for some reason.

Lots of space for more plants!

"I began introducing some landscape trees last year, following our blazing summer.  Includes a small city lot orchard with fruit, berries, grapes plus lots of raised vegetable beds. "

You may have noticed that Cindy likes chickens.  They're such cute and goofy birds!

Oops, the pot fell and spilled it's contents all over the bed!

Colorful potting bench.  Look at that cool tub to hold soil.  Wouldn't it be great to have something like that?

Cindy uses a lot of color in her garden spaces which makes her garden a cheery and happy place to spend summer days.

A quick and less expensive way of having glass in the garden. 

A nice surprise is that Cindy's friend and neighbor also held her garden open even though it wasn't listed in the NPA book.  We'll tour that garden another day.  Thank you Cindy for opening your beautiful garden for the enjoyment of all!


  1. Love the potting bench, like it's a display in a cool garden shop!

  2. Wonderful garden. Those chickens are so cute and I love the bicycle ornament.

  3. I love the metal chickens and the colorful potting bench. The little red wagon full of succulents is fun too!

  4. I'm with you on the empty pots. Try as I might, I always end up cramming something into them. Sigh... my hoarding ways... :(

  5. "Landscaping increasing and lawn decreasing", I say Amen to that. The sitting area has a lively retro vibe. Love the spilled sedum. I try to use broken pots in this way too.
    And Peter, after you taste the Mahonia berries I'm sure you'll be more then happy to leave it to the birds!

  6. I don't manage to have empty pots either. The good thing about empty ones is that you wouldn't have to water them.
    The bicycle wheel art is very interesting. Thanks for posting this garden. i didn't get to go to those openings.

  7. 'Gardeners spend all day in their beds', how very true, and it's apparent Cindy does, too! What a beautiful garden, so many plantings of interest and vibrant color!

  8. Chickens are cool but I'm partial to the shot of the little house (?) with birds on the roof and a duck or goose nearby. Fun tour!

  9. Looks like the home and garden of someone having loads of fun. I really like the double windowed lime door and the whole entryway.


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