Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Random Friday

Like many bloggers, I end up with a few unrelated images each week or so that aren't enough for a post of their own.  What better day to be random than Friday?

First up are a few cool things I saw in the art show at the Puyallup Fair, now called the Washington State Fair, the largest single event held annually in the state of Washington. Here are a couple of way cool pieces by Dennis (Denny) King, a friend of Judi Hook.  You can see more of their work here and here.

In love with this one!

Great copper wire tree! (Don't know the artist)

Elaborate spoon art.

Something's fishy  here.

this side is even prettier.

Dig those great scales!

Borg spheres?  

Wonder if they'd hold up outside?

Who's this?  Could it be Glimmer Dragon from Judi Hook's Garden?  Sure is and (drum roll please.)

She won first place!  Congratulations, Judi!
 Another of Judi's pieces.  And we can say we knew her when...!  The fair is a great place to see and purchase a great variety of art even though the setting/lighting isn't the best.

Also admired the wood work of Larry Miller.  This bowl glows beautifully when illuminated.  The wood is from a favorite tree.

Twelfth Man fever has taken over the state, even here at Furney's Nursery in Des Moines.  Difficult to see in this picture is the blue used in the pots which is provided by those spray-painted abominations I mean heathers that also seem to be increasingly marketed in these parts.

 Ornamental kale looking quite ravishing as it will all through the winter here. So lucky we are!

There were a lot  of really cool plants at the nursery but I got so involved in shopping and talking with a very nice designer who was putting together combinations of winter interest plants to fill a client's pots that I forgot to take more pictures.  This wall of magnolias, golden evergreens, and Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide' was impressive.

Walking out to the parking lot from work the other day, the leaves of this maple, glowing in the low autumn sun against a moody sky,  caught my eye.  Notice the strange fruit on the top.
Happy weekend everyone!  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away?   Time flies when you're having fun or are as old as I am.


  1. Nice post Peter! Some really great pieces on exhibit there!

  2. Hah! Wait till you're my age (about to hit 60 next month). Great shot of the maple tree. I don't remember seeing such great art on display in past years when we've gone to the fair. I love those Borg-like globes.

    1. I am not going to dignify the remarks of you children about AGE with responses.

      Time does fly when you are having fun.

  3. Less than three weeks til Thanksgiving? Next you're going to tell me Christmas is only 7 weeks away.

  4. The copper wire tree gets my vote. Brilliant.

  5. You certainly found some wonderful art work, you must have been spoilt for choice!

  6. Even your state fairs are fabulous! I love the copper wire tree and the dragon. For an nanosecond I considered how nice that magnificent fish would be in my garden overlooking the harbor but then I enlarged your photo and got a fuzzy look at the price - any fish in my garden would have to be a guppy I guess.

  7. Those metal art creations are impressive!

  8. Wonderful random photos! I can't believe that copper bonsai tree only got a 2nd place. I would have bought it if I could have seen it. Can't keep 'em alive; I freeze them or some other calamity happens. Love your 'last leaves'.

    SilverLake Sue

  9. I don't know if any of those sculpture are meant for the outdoors, but I'd be hard press to pick just one for my garden. The last shot is fab.

  10. Cool stuff! I like the fish and the spoonorcycle.

  11. Very cool! I'm partial to the spooncycle, too. :o)

  12. Nice selection of sculpture! And that last photo of the tree is stunning!

  13. I'm not much for modern art, but all of these pieces are so cool! I'm still marveling at that spooncycle. I'm also drooling over all the ornamental kale and other plants at your nursery. Here, one of our most popular garden centers put away most of all the garden supplies before the end of October and started filling the shelves with Christmas ornaments! Lucky you to have kale surviving the winter.

  14. Guess I'll have to rethink my impression of state fairs as lambs and pigs and quilts and pies in the midst of strange food on sticks and stomach-churning rides.


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