Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, November 13, 2015

There's Always Something Growing at Flower World

Flower World, the 15 acre nursery (3 acres under cover) northeast of Seattle is always an interesting place to visit, especially when it's cold outside as their extensive tropical houses transport one to faraway warm places.  If you're interested, you can see many previous posts about Flower World here.

Flower World had the least expensive ornamental kale/cabbage of any nursery I've visited.  Add to that the 10% discount that e-club members get (you can sign up here) on all purchases, and it was tempting to add a few more.  However, there are already quite a few of these lovelies around the garden. Speaking of OK & Cabbage, have you ever grown them from seed?  What was your experience?

Berberis were putting on their autumn show!

Dahlias still looking fresh and happy.

Flower World isn't in a rush to escort autumn out the door quite yet. 

It's wonderful to still find so many pumpkins, gourds, and squash available for Thanksgiving!  Soon these tables will be covered with cut evergreens, swags, berries, etc. of all sorts.


In the midst of autumn, there are already signs of spring!  Their spring bulb selection (the unplanted ones) was extensive as will be their offering of potted bulbs in late winter/early spring.

Sweet double primroses will bloom through the winter and into spring.

Philodendron 'Prince of Orange looks especially nice with these blue pots.  Not so sure about the red pot people.

Sansevieria kirkii var. pulchra  in glorious bloom caused serious plant lust but the price of the large blooming specimens was a bit high for me.

Fortunately, in another part of the nursery there were lots of smaller ones for less than half the price. Isn't that foliage glorious?  This one came home with me!

Ah, there she is, my girlfriend, Monrovia!  I get misty thinking of her.


 I'm especially fond of this one but they get fairly large and where would I put it?

Interestingly variegated hibiscus foliage.

The tropicals go on and on. 

Philodendron 'Pink Princess' was also tempting as I remember being impressed with the large one growing at Portland Nursery on Division.

More fab foliage.

Even some dangerous plants!

This Cryptanthus was on a table simply labeled "Bromeliads."  Easy-care plants, these are addictive and this one was too lovely not to come home with me.

Ludisia discolor, the Jewel Orchid, has got gorgeous foliage.

I can't remember a visit to Flower world when there weren't hibiscus in bloom. 

Cissus discolor, aka Rex Begonia Vine and Tapestry Vine kept jumping in and out of my cart.  Such a beautiful plant that likes part to full shade.  It'd be very happy in my greenhouse and there's still a bit of overhead room... It eventually stayed at Flower World because I wasn't really sure about it's hardiness and, since it was new to me. there was the novelty factor to consider.   Perhaps if they're still there on my next visit, one will leap into my cart.

What do you think of this plant?  


  1. Cissus discolor: if I had a well-lit space and the price wasn't outrageous I'd snap this up! I'm adding it to my list for the spring for sure!

  2. A lot of great foliage plants! I'm drooling over that unusual ghostly calathea. I grew the tri-color prayer plant for many years until I re-potted it and subsequently lost it. I find the Rex Begonia vine is gorgeous, and with you being such a begonia connoisseur, I'm surprised it could jump out of your cart :-)

  3. I like this place, this post. How did you get misty around Monrovia, from your photo editor? I like the largeness of the plants with many blossoms even though it can raise the price out of sight. (I'm just lookin'.) I like that there are still colorful displays of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes. Ditto the colorful leaves, orange lines, pink spots, white waves. I have a place for them here outside in a dark corner. Wonder if they would work?

  4. I was tempted by that Rex Begonia Vine in the past, and it's still a possibility, but not this year or next. We've spent quite a bit on our kitty recently, and it's going to mean no plant buying for a while. Flower World does have such big wonderful hothouses, but I'm often disappointed in the variety of plants growing in them. I wish they had more really rare stuff.

  5. The Cissus discolor...no, not a fan. That Cryptanthus however, LOVE IT! I'll be interested to learn if it keeps that bright blush at the center of the plant.

  6. I enjoyed following you around on your visit to Flower World but I do worry that we're going to need to set up a "go fund me" page to support you soon.

  7. I think you're going to have to move house if you keep on buying! You certainly saw lots of really beautiful foliage plants, so tempting!

  8. Seeing this post was a pleasant way to wake up.

  9. Wow, three acres under cover?! What a great place that would be to visit during winter! I can't buy very many houseplants due to a plant-eating menace of a cat, but it would be so nice to visit and see so many lush, green (or otherwise colored) plants. That statue is quite the hoot! I love vines, and the Rex Begonia one has such beautiful foliage, so it would tempt me as well.

  10. You're killing me with these garden center visits. The closest one here is 30 minutes and the greenhouse section is probably as large as your own...
    Love that bromeliad and the vine as well... but give it another week or two, maybe it is the novelty factor.

  11. Dear Mr. Peter ... Thank you for taking "us" on this trip and wow ! .. I love all the plants there, especially the ones with such interesting foliage .. that white leaved one above the prayer plant? caught my eye and of course this last one is gorgeous ... did you get it ?
    Your girlfriend is too cute and the Jewel orchid is my pick for this trip : )
    Take care!
    Joy (we have NO places like this to visit ... I am terribly jealous but grateful for the tour !)

  12. Excellent choices, Peter! Sansevieria kirkii var. pulchra is a gorgeous plant and so different from the usual Sans. trifasciata. I love mine. That's a nice cryptanthus, too. It should keep that blush as long as you have it in fairly strong light. I love Cissus discolor, but I've never grown it before. I've read too many reports of it being temperamental to try it in the house. It tends to rest in winter, dropping a lot of leaves in the cooler, darker conditions of winter. It's also highly susceptible to pests, including mites and mealy bugs. How warm do you keep your greenhouse? If you keep it above 50, the Cissus might be worth a try. If plants are kept happy, they are far less susceptible to pests and disease.

  13. Oh, man...that last plant? You actually need encouragement?


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