Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Excitement at West Seattle Nursery

Last time I visited West Seattle Nursery, a large new greenhouse was being constructed.  On Saturday, since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to stop by and see if the new building had opened yet.  Not because there are always great plants there or anything :)

This great foliage combination greeted me outside the nursery in their hellstrip.  Who needs flowers with foliage like this?

Everyone has felt this cold wet spring.  Notice those extended  hours.  

This was previously the building in which all of the indoor merchandise was housed.  Now this building holds only soil, fertilizer and other dry goods.  A peek inside was eye-opening.  How could they have fit so much cool stuff in that small space before?

The outdoor retail space was greatly expanded as well. and there's the new building.

The place was buzzing with customers taking advantage of a mostly dry day. 

The three-footed pots made me smile so one had to come home with me. 

Remember when pocket vases were all the rage.  They've come back in much different styles 

Tumbled glass chandelier.

Uber cool stuff. 

Echeveria 'Petticoat' from Fleetfoot and Foulweather.

Echeveria 'Petticoat' also from F.&F.

Outdoor bonsai area.

That red sphere is about a yard across.  Very tempting but where would I put it?

Viola 'Heartthrob' from Little Prince.  I've killed this once before because I thought it would be as tough as other violets.  It'll get better care this time.

It was a pleasure to see Cordyline banksii 'Electric Flash'  which has become a new favorite. 

Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost' has seductive leaves.  
 Speaking of color...

Hey, what's that purple foliage?   It really is much more grape purple than the pictures show. 

Purple foliage with orange flowers? 

The last two Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer'  they had came home with me.  

What sweet pansies in a mixed pot, probably planted in the fall.  
Truth be told, I could have taken lots more pictures of all of the unusual plants and other merchandise but the excitement of discovery caused the camera to be less used than usual.   You'll just have to stop by WSN and check it out yourself!


  1. I visit this nursery every couple of weeks but never do I look up at the sign. It explains why I had not seen the owner in a while...

    1. Interesting to what lengths people will go to get a little sunshine around here.

  2. That's a great Alstroemeria, I've been keeping mine in the greenhouse over the winter, for fear of it not being quite hardy. They've really upped their game, with the new greenhouse.

  3. Wow, it's wonderful to see a nursery expanding and growing, rather than shrinking and closing.

  4. The key question is: did the sacrifice work? I recently brought home that very same Alstroemeria - I'm not sure it appreciates the abrupt increase in temperature here, though..

  5. Oh, I think we will put this on our list! Thanks for the tour. I want to see it all.

  6. Who needs flowers with foliage like this? The very question is sacrilegious. Still, lots of nice stuff at this nursery.


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