Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, December 30, 2016

'Tis the Season

To go shopping.  It's after Christmas sale time again.  Somehow, Carmen found Watson's parking lot.

Somehow she knew...

We do live in "The Evergreen State."

Aren't we lucky?

Catch the great foliage of Helleborus 'Dana's Dulcet.'

Speaking of winter blooms...

Two very tempting wreaths

Loved them both for different reasons.

These reminded me of Loree's bottle brush trees.

Artificial tillandsias.  It can't get any easier than that.

A little sparkle.

Throw in a bit of gold glitter and poof, it's Christmas.

When they said, "Christmas ornaments half off." I didn't know they meant this.  Danger might need it for her holiday severed head collection.

 This display was partly dismantled  but the lit pot on the left is pretty swell!  

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season for as quickly as Santa's sleigh flies, it will soon be over and we'll be left with cold winter days without eggnog or sparkle.
Surprisingly, my cart was empty at the end of our visit. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.  Happy New Year all! 


  1. No eggnog? No sparkle? I suppose next you're going to tell me an arctic blast is headed to my garden and promises much destruction?...(TBC...)

  2. I was just there recently too, on my birthday. I had Dan Dollars to spend. I didn't find much, I didn't even use them all. Ah well.

  3. That hellebore is sweet! The fake Tillandsia is sad.

  4. So what did you get? With all those temptations how could you leave empty-handed?

  5. lol, half off ! I needed that humorous moment. Carmen looks fetching in Watsons parking lot.

  6. The hellebore is wonderful! Not on sale, I'm sure.
    With my house already crammed with decorations, I say away from after Christmas sales. Too dangerous!

  7. What no purchases? No post holiday shopping happening for this garden - yet. If I do, it will have to be online.

  8. Evergreens with the red ribbons, Chief Joseph in particular, are an awesome sight.
    I wonder if the coloring of Helleborus 'Dana's Dulcet' is constant throughout the foliage or just a 1 off. I'll have to look into this.

    1. The pink color on the foliage fades to silver as the leaf ages but the variegation is still quite pretty.

  9. Sales, sales.. I'd love to go with you Peter.
    Happy New year 2017! С Новым годом!

  10. Happy new year to you as well, and thanks for sharing your escapades throughout the year. With all the garden centers long shuttered here, it's nice to see someone getting out and about among plants!
    -and the other stuff isn't all that shabby either :)

  11. No law says you have to give up eggnog and sparkle until you're good and ready. I just recently discovered how great Hellebore leaves are in a vase, and I hadn't even seen 'Dana's Dulcet' yet...will be on the lookout for that one. I was so busy admiring the glowing pot that I almost missed the cute little tree sharing its photo. Happy New Year!


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