Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Steve and Claudia's Paradise Part Two; The Place

And now for something completely different.  Here's a brand new collection of bog plants just outside the dry greenhouse.

Sempervivum-filled hypertufa troughs also came west with the Casebolts.

Steve built this Martha Stewart-designed structure for one row of grapes.  If it is as functional as it is beautiful, he'll build more for the rest of the vines.

Tomatoes looking healthy and happy.

In the summer, sleeping outside on the upper deck outside the bedroom is a special joy. 

Pieces are judiciously placed in the shade gardens.  Although the couple have owned this magical place for twenty five years, they've only lived and gardened here for the last few.  It was a joy to hear Steve and Claudia talk about their plans for each area.

The choice to augment the native growth in many areas rather than pulling it all out gives the place the feeling of an ancient wonderland.

Katie, the official tour guide was as warm and friendly as her people. 

Rose hips and asters adorned the beach.

When the tide is in, this boat dock comes in handy!

Happy Madrone heavy with berries.  Can you imagine how stunning this will be when the berries turn red?

Ah, that beautiful bark...

Steve must have heard Loree saying that ferns are the new succulents as he started all of these from spores to use in the stumpery on which he's currently working.

This tree top snapped off in a storm and somehow landed perfectly vertically upside down.  

Doesn't this seem like a beautiful place to spend an afternoon?

The good news is that you can stay  even longer.  Click here to see the Airbnb listing.

Thank you so much Steve and Claudia for opening your beautiful garden and home to me and for sharing so many cool stories about your travels and artistic creations!

Happy first weekend of autumn everyone!


  1. Wow...how wonderful they hung onto this place all those years, what a great place to retire to!

  2. It's an incredible setting and now I can't get the Airbnb idea out of my head.

  3. Beautiful indeed, but dangerous with all of those tree tops raining down. How cool!

  4. Oh yes, that is completely different. Much inspiration here ... and what a joy to visit!

  5. A beautiful place to spend an afternoon, or a lifetime! I wasn't sure if it's fresh water or the peninsula; either way it's hard to go wrong with such a stunning backdrop. I still hope to make hypertufa planters one day. I love that rugged look.


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