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Monday, August 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day August 2016

On the fifteenth of each month, Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden Blogger's Bloom Day to help each of us document what's blooming in our gardens mid month and to share our floral bounty with others.  Do click on the link above to go to her site to see what's blooming in Carol's garden and find links to GBBD posts from around the world.  Here are some of the blooms in my garden this late summer. 


Begonias and Pelargonium

Although tuberous begonias are common as dirt, their large size and saturated colors make them feel exotic to me.

Origanum 'Kent Beauty'

The early-flowering deciduous magnolias sometimes surprise me with a few random summer blooms as well.

Clerodendrum bungei frolicking with Japanese anemones.

Albizia julibrissin covered in bloom.  So are the paths, plants, pond beneath the arching branches of this messy but beautiful tree.



Parahebe perfoliata

Mahonia gracilipes

Fuchsias, abutilons, and begonias oh my.   What a jungle!

Abutilon 'Victor Reiter'  is in a big pot.  will it make it inside the greenhouse for the winter with some other tender Abutilons or be left out in the cold?

Surprise!  Violas from last winter popping up here and there. 
Trachelospermum jasminoides

Hibiscus, having successfully battled with whitefly and spider mites is happily blooming!

Not quite yet blooms but the heart patterned grafted cactus mutant has two buds on it.  

Some echeveria or other.

Abutilon 'Red Tiger'

Looks like slugs are enjoying this dahlia as much as I. 

Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Golden Arrow'

This season's first Colchicum autumnale  are popping up. 

Lonicera 'Sweet Tea' perfuming the air. 


Eryngium blooms acting as a trellis for Tropaeolum speciosum planted last season at the feet of Berberis 'Orange Rocket.'  Oh well, it'll grow where it grows and I'll be happy to have it.

Phygelius which seems intent on world domination.  It's planted in a bed with other like-minded spreaders.  It's been time to pull everything out of that bed and start again for several years now.  Oh well, winter will clean it up a bit and it can be put out of mind for a while.
Happy GBBD everyone!


  1. That long view down the path is glorious Peter. Mixed feelings about Colchicum autumnale though..

  2. A rich, robust, gloriously colored jungle!

  3. Your garden looks full of blooms, Peter! Like rusty duck, I love that long view down the path.

  4. I didn't realize those grafted cactus would flower. I'm curious what the flowers will look like. That tropical Hibiscus is so pretty and dramatic! Glad it survived its invaders. Happy GBBD!

  5. Beautiful! I love the orange abutilon. We have went crazy over them.

  6. You have many beautiful blooms Peter and the view of the brick garden path surrounded by flowers is lovely and so inviting!

  7. Wow, you have a bloom party going on!

  8. You've got the magic touch when it comes to capturing the Mahonia gracilipes flowers! And funny my grafted cactus mutant refuses to progress much beyond that stage with it's blooms.

  9. Violas and dahlias blooming at the same time - you weave magic in your garden, Peter! I'm really surprised to see the Japanese anemones blooming already - if they appear here at all (and they haven't for the past 2-3 years), they don't dare raise their heads until September. As to the tuberous begonias, I'm happy to see them any time as they're no longer all that common here.

  10. Marvelous, all of it. I love when succulent plants bloom.

  11. If only I could grow tuberous Begonias.If only. I laughed at your Phygelius world domination statement-how true ! I spent many hours last Saturday ripping out P.'Moonraker' . It's like pulling electrical wire. Happy Bloomday !

  12. If we put 'Kent Beauty' anywhere prominent, no one can resist it's lure. That Hibiscus...be still my heart.

  13. You have lots of cool stuff blooming, Peter.
    I was doing some deadheading this morning and noticing what benefited from being cut back earlier and reblooming, and what just needs to be cut down now as the August slump sets in.

  14. Wow - a flower riot! Like so many others before me, your long shot down that path is magical! I'm with you on the tuberous begonias - I think they are all fabulous and well worth growing. So pretty!

  15. Oh, Peter I was impressed watching your blooming cactus, congrats! Mine are weak on a window sill growing little by little. I also liked your abutilon, it's very pretty plant and I love its flowers.
    Happy GBBD!

  16. So many beautiful flowers Peter, so many different colours, your garden is a wonderful place to be! Love your hydrangers!

  17. Okay, eryngos acting as a trellis for Tropaeolum speciosum? Now you're just showing off, Peter. Just kidding (and jealous) And that jungle walk is fabulous!

  18. Your jungle path is beautiful! Thanks for showing the 'Golden Arrow' Periscaria. I remember seeing it in Scott's garden during the Portland Fling and wanting to add some here, but I keep forgetting. As always, I am jealous of your beautiful hydrangeas, especially those with blue blooms, which I can't get in my alkaline soil. Happy Bloom Day!

  19. Love those blue flowers on the Parahebe.


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