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Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Finally Made it to Wight's Home and Garden "Wonderland of Christmas"

After hearing from so many people about Wight's Home and Garden during the holiday season, most recently over Thanksgiving dinner, I decided it was time to make the hour  trek up north to check it out.  

The entrance to the store lets one know that he's in for something special!

There are dozens of theme trees with surrounding bins of the ornaments used to create your own or one can purchase the entire decorated tree.  A nice lady with a cart full of decorations who visits this event annually told me that as Christmas draws closer, the trees grow fewer and fewer for that reason.

Snow people!
 And, of course, a 12th man tree. 

Or two.

The store was crowded with people who all seemed to be in a jovial mood.  
Yummy colors!

There was an entire section of creches and supplies.  On our first Christmas together, Tom and I go a set at a store that had a zillion figurines that all came individually with the intent of creating a tradition of getting a new figurine each year. We did for a few years but then the store stopped carrying that particular Italian brand of figurines.  I still pull that set out some years.   Than what to my wondering eyes should appear at Wight's but a whole area dedicated to these figurines(not the huge life-sized ones in the picture.)   There were tons of them, which include just about every manner of shepherd(ess) various period musicians, and people who wouldn't have been there, like St. Francis.  I looked at them and was going to get back to that area to maybe restart the tradition but never did. Maybe next year.  Wight's has just about anything one could ever think of in the way of holiday decor, including Hanukkah tree (?) ornaments. No live poinsettias though.

A little Christmas music.

Is it a boy

Or is it a girl?

Nope, it's a hermaphrotite.

If one were to actually look at all of the ornaments, a single day might not be long enough.  My niece, Holly (really, it's not a seasonal joke,) told me to go early as I'd need lots of time.

While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!

There was a wide variety of truly lovely artificial trees for sale and even a few ahem, specialty numbers.

Lest one worry about accessorizing other decor with such a tree...

 Danger and Hoover Boo might need to get this wreath for their neighbors. 

So very tempted...

That was only a fraction of what there was to see inside!  Wight's was a bit overwhelming but in a good way!  Most of the nursery part of the operation was filled with cut trees.  I saw one strapped to the roof of a car on our way in. Seems that after you select your tree, Wight's cuts off the bottom and places it in a sturdy stand standing perfectly upright.  All you need to do is drag it inside and add water.  How cool is that?

A sale on outdoor pottery!  Hooray.  
 This one had to come home with me as I love footed pots like this.  It's what is holding my entry in the Poinsettia Challenge.  Unfortunately, none of the contents really goes with this color.  Fortunately they spill over enough that they hide the pot entirely.  More on this later.

There were some plants for winter interest in a few areas. I do want to come back in the spring and see what the place looks like then.
 Who wouldn't want a bird feeder with a green roof!  

If you like holiday merchandise of all sorts, a visit to Wight's certainly will not disappoint!

To learn more, look here.


  1. Too much holiday decor for me -- did you feel strange looking at sale pots and plants? Seems like everybody was there for the decorations...

  2. Holy Moly, that's a lot of Christmas cheer!

  3. No foxes? Still that's a lot of holiday cheer. A tradition of adding figurines that wouldn't have been there sounds fun. Mr. Bean did a bit on that as I recall.

    Lighted saguaros are popular. There's one next door along with a sombrero topped snowman.

  4. No live poinsettias???? (but I thought I saw one photo bombing towards the bottom, was that fake?)

    You really should have bought a couple of figurines.

  5. I think that place would put me into some kind of Christmas daze - it almost has even just looking at the photos. My own tree looks almost nude by comparison.

  6. I've been to Wight's because it is located just down the street from the Joann Superstore. And, if you need a craft store like Joann, you'll be spoiled for all others by the superstore. (but, checking the store locator, I see that you have several closer superstore locations :-)

  7. Usually I like all tree decoration, they are all beautiful in their own right. Except that baby pink and baby blue... it's just not working for me!
    The footed pot is a good find, and I can't wait to see your entry. The bird feeder with the green roof? Priceless.

  8. Wow. Can't see the trees for the ornaments. Blue house/blue driveways absolutely need that blooooh! wreath.

    I think I like best the gold & white ornaments hanging from the ceiling in the 3rd photo--simple, elegant.

  9. I never know that they sell whole trees. I think some were gone when we were there. We did not see those pink and blue trees.

  10. What a sight for my sore eyes, all the color and festivity! I enjoyed the poinsettias, too, so many different colors, almost impossible to choose. Do people actually buy the trees all decorated? I wonder how they transport them, what a bountiful display. Thank you so much for the tour(s), I really needed some cheer tonight.

  11. Thank you! Now I'm feeling Christmasy!

  12. A Christmas extravaganza sans Poinsettias...now THAT is unusual.


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