Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Annual Fall Visit to Todd's Nursry

Todd's is a great nursery and only a 30 minute drive from home but for some reason, it falls off my nursery radar until we visit the pumpkin patches on the same road each fall. Every time we visit, I vow to return in the spring and summer but haven't.  2016 will be the year! Here's a taste of the huge selection of fab offerings.

Driveway is dressed for the season!

One of Todd's specialties is water features and there is a great ever-changing display of drilled rocks with cascading water on one side of the parking lot.  Love this one with all of the moss!

Shimmering in the light.  Perhaps next spring we'll add something like this to our garden.

A nice selection from which to choose.

Fall, winter, and spring are when evergreens really shine.  
 This was the first grove of Phyllostachys vivax I ever saw many years ago.  While they've reduced it in size a bit since then, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Interesting use of what might be a Christmas tree topper.

There are also glass panels with incredible prices (lower than the materials cost wholesale!)

Hmm...Loree's Ornamental Kale and Cabbage challenge ends on November first.  

Groovy combinations.

Very well stocked for this time of year and with a sale going on...

Fifty percent off all tropicals.  If only I had a greenhouse.  O wait, I do!

Hummingbirds in the perennial area are a sign of a great nursery!

Those who don't believe in agaves will never find them. 

Hydrangea Lemon Wave has gorgeous foliage and so so flowers but you can always clip them off. 

Speaking of foliage, autumn is making it's presence known!

Don't know the name of this Pinus but the 30 foot specimen caught the rays of the sun beautifully. Oh to have enough space to grow every gorgeous tree!

Part of a large stream that flows through the property.

This little guy was sure enjoying skipping stones.

More foliage

More water.

A working/storage area on some of the acreage at the back of  the nursery and gardens.  Look at that great bamboo!

A great place for a stroll which might keep the non-gardener with whom you live busy for a while. 

Happy koi in the pond near the gumball machine full of fish food.  Great activity for kids of all ages.

The jury's still out on these. Maybe in the right context...

Clever use of ladders. The niece in Alaska might need one of those dragonflies.  

I found a few more spring bulbs (ten percent off already!) to add to the not-yet-planted collection.  

Dahlia in one of the gardens surrounding two sides of the parking area.  So fresh and delicate looking, it has no idea that it's time to stop blooming.  Dahlias are quirky that way.

Next spring and summer, I'll definitely visit Todd's!  Really, I mean it this time.  Do you have nurseries in your area that you kick yourself for not visiting more often?


  1. Looks like they have a lot going on there -- that's a lot of water for a nursery! Love the mature bamboo too (of course)!

  2. What a GREAT place!
    Our favorite nursery (for strolling, not spending) went bankrupt and closed a couple of years ago. I'm still in mourning.

  3. So...did you buy anything (cabbage/kale perhaps?). I loved the "oh, wait I do" line....

  4. I often forget about Todd's, and I live closer to it than you do. I really like that frilly kale plant, it looks sort of like frisee. I want to participate in Loree's challenge, but I'm still gathering ideas. Maybe I should start actually gathering plants.

  5. A nursery with a stream running through it! You must go back in spring.
    The bamboo grove is impressive. I love the moss-coverd shrine and the long-needle pine (for when I get the acreage).

  6. With all the nursery visits you squeeze in, kicking yourself seems highly inappropriate. This does look like a place to put on the spring list tho. There are so many on my list that I wouldn't know where to begin.

  7. It looks like such a great spot - the water features are awesome :-) the nurseries you visit are always top notch - i wish we had similar here!

  8. Such a great variety of plants there, your fall colours kick in early ours take a bit longer in the season to show.

  9. You have SO many nurseries and garden centers on your radar, I'm surprised you can visit any of them more than once per year.

  10. You always manage to find such interesting places to visit! Interesting plants too, how do you manage to leave them behind!

  11. I love those drilled basalt columns. Someday I'll have a few in my own garden. I really like the look of bamboo groves, buy I'm still too scared of it to plant a running bamboo. Maybe I'll bite the bullet soon for black bamboo.

  12. Looks like a fun place to explore. I love the hummer in the perennials.


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