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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Revisiting the Garden of Art Converse and Victoria Lee

The day after Labor Day is back-to-school time for  most kids and teachers.  While summer doesn't officially end until the autumnal equinox on September 22, autumn is definitely knocking at the door as the sun sets earlier and the mercury in the thermometer dips lower.  The carefree days of summer come to an end for me as the academic year begins anew.  I like to pretend that summer will never end and to help with that denial, lets go back in time to the beginning of August and wander around Art Converse's garden.  You may recall this place from a visit in 2016 here. The weather was overcast that first visit so the images are better.

"The garden has many themes to enjoy, including a rose garden which contains 100 roses, a large vegetable garden, many palm trees and tropical plants, nine ponds, a sprawling creek and various guest cottages."

"The house, outbuildings, and gardens are a culmination of 30 years of collecting and propagating over 1,500 various trees, shrubs, and plants.  The grounds are very walkable and full of inhabitants, including thousands of frogs, koi fish, mason bees and even an occasional owl."

The rose garden near the main house is protected by a fence.  Deer love eating roses!

At every turn there are surprises and places to relax and enjoy the garden although, I don't think that Art does much sitting.  Art is a former Marine, firefighter, (Thank you for your service!) builder, and gardener.  He built all of the guest cottages and outbuildings on the property.  Is there anything he can't do? 

The description says that the garden area is a single acre but it seems much larger, especially with the fabulous views of the forested hills in the background. 

Each cottage has it's own style; this one is Art's gym. 

One of several outdoor dining areas. 

Art's newest water feature.  

Come sit a spell in the jungle!

Many of the structures were created utilizing materials that Art found. 

This one even has a wood stove.

At the back of the property sits another guest cottage complete with a picket fence and its own garden. 

To the side of the cottage is a bridge over the creek to the neighbor's garden. 

Looks cozy!  (The door was ajar...)

Looking back from whence we came. 

A two-story cottage.

Okay, I peeked inside this one as well.

It must be magical to be in this garden after dark with flames dancing in the fire pit.  I wonder if there is outdoor lighting.  One doesn't  think about such things as much on such a sunny day.

Thanks again Art and Victoria for opening your  wonderful garden for so many to enjoy!  


  1. You are right that the borrowed view makes that garden seem huge. But all those seating areas and cottages show just how much fits into an acre. An amazing creation.

  2. I visited Art's garden several years ago. It looks like a great place for a family vacation! Thanks for the chance to see it again.

  3. Do they have lots of visitors or are they a Airbnb? Perfect spot for that!

    1. They have a lot of family members who visit. Don't think that they're an Airbnb but they are open for members of the Northwest Perennial Alliance for social events.

  4. I remember this one. It's a marvel!

  5. All of this on just one acre?? Amazing. Quite a place. How does one have such large open flower, veg beds that don't have mulch and I see no weeds? Beautiful.

  6. I would love to stay in one of those cottages!


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