Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Leftovers

A roundup of leftover shots that didn't  fit into any other post. 

I loved the pineapple container with tillandsia. Since both tillandsias and pineapples are part of the same family, the inside joke made me smile.  Tillandsia is now turning red which means that blooms will appear soon. 

Big brother, variegated pineapple, watches from a high shelf. 

Some more weird plants. 

Strange sea creatures. 

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's eating plants in the greenhouse; other times it's a bit more obvious.

Another new agave - A. murpheyi 'Engard' is supposed to be hardy 50 10 - 15 degrees.  Perhaps we'll put it to the test this winter.

While the tillandsias in the greenhouse get a hosedown everytime I water, those in the house get a weekly (when I remember) soak.

All of my brugmansias have decided to put on the biggest show of the year to celebrate the end of summer.  Pay no attention to the multiple tubs in the background temporarily housing plants removed from the New Zealand garden.

Once again, the race is on between the first freeze and the buds on one of the tetrapanax. Which will win this year?

Early autumn view from the back porch.  The brown bit beneath the banana leaf just left of center is my 20-year-old Clerodendrum trichotomum that has for the past few years looked perfectly healthy and in full bloom then suddenly wilted and dropped it's leaves. In the past it's just been a branch or two but this year, the whole thing  did it.  Supposedly unaffected by verticillium wilt, this Clerodendrum has me stumped as this looks exactly like that disease.   Oh well, we'll wait and see what next year brings.  Maybe I'll have a big new space to work with. 

The curtains in front of the wicker throne have come down for the season and the view is now more expansive.
A few bromeliads have made their way back into the house but this weekend, the migration starts in earnest.   Hope you have a plant-filled weekend!


  1. A couple of days ago it occurred to me I hadn't noticed any Tetrapanax buds pushing out, so I went looking. Sure enough, there they were. They do seem a little late to get going this year...

  2. I just saw the very first flower on one of my Brugs the other day too, they are so late. I need to get my greenhouse sorted out and start moving things back in, but my energy and enthusiasm is really flagging.

  3. Those touches of bright blue out your back door are "electric", especially with the russet shades of Autumn. I want this season to go on and on...

  4. So many plants and so many to move. I wish you luck with your plant round up. The brugs are pretty. The dinosaur gave me a smile.

  5. They are predicting frost tonight here. Always a frustrating moment, but easier for me as the pots are full of perennials that will survive. But nothing worse than fully-budded plants and frost. I decided I will just chance it and not cover anything. I had no idea Tillandsa was in the pinapple family. Your display is perfect.

  6. Our brug is going nuts too. As you will see on my latest post, brown things have appeared here too, and the moving to the greenhouse has begun.

  7. That's a nice selection of leftovers. I love your use of seashells as Tillandsia supports and may have to steal that idea. The dino chomping down on the begonia was pretty darn cute too.

    Best wishes with the migration! Don't strain anything.

  8. A lot of plants there, Peter and I'm not surprised you forget something :-) I love your brugmansias they are stunning!
    Have a nice weekend!

  9. "housing plants removed from the New Zealand garden..."
    My memory is failing me. I can't remember a post about a New Zealand garden...I must have missed something. I DO remember your Clerodendrum trichotomum in full performance mode. I hope it comes back.

  10. I like they T Rex. I'm waiting with much anticipation for the delivery of a large (2') Triceratops I ordered a while back. Didn't know Tillandsia came in any color other than grey.


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