Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday Vignette

It's the last day of January, the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival née Show starts next week, and the first camellia japonicas are blooming.  Let's just decide that winter is over shall we?

It starts with one far off bloom.
 Soon this old camellia will be so covered with pink that the leaves will barely be visible but for today, this first glimpse of pink gives the dark and soggy days a little lift.

Before long it'll once again be time to be outside more than inside, for summer vacations, the lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer.  This scene from the Vintage Market at the Tacoma Home and Garden Show breathes hope for the seasons to come.

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  1. Oh, Yes We Shall. Once February rolls around the corner, there is no turning back. If mother nature cooperates, we are good to go.
    That little camper is so cute and retro!

  2. It does kind of feel like winter is over, doesn't it? When I took raindrop pictures of the garden for my recent post, I was really surprised to find so many things breaking bud and some things actually flowering.

  3. Yep, winter is over. Go away weather forecast, I am in denial.

  4. I'm dreaming of spring and you go and drop that other "s" word... summer!

  5. Heck, skip spring and pay a visit down this way to enjoy summer (before it gets really hot). I'm being facetious - I actually enjoy spring's luxurious unfolding and worry that, in addition to skipping winter, SoCal's going to get stuck in summer mode.

  6. OMG ... we are in the middle of a winter storm here .. snow upon snow or is that white on white ? LOL
    I love seeing this old trailer and the perfect accessories to go with it!
    I'm afraid we have many more weeks of winter so it is hard for me to imagine even Spring right now ... you guys are so lucky !! Enjoy !!

  7. For some reason that pink bike makes me think flamingoes. Glad winter is over for someone. Don't think it's me.

  8. No, Peter and Alison, those are WINTER blooming flowers. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched, and all that wise stuff. I need more time to be dormant. There will be plenty of time for crawling around on my hands and knees in the garden. Tom has been out doing WINTER pruning though.

    1. You are correct, Linda, it's still winter but compared to some parts of the country where winter blooms are unknown, it feels like spring.
      From my sister in Wasilla:

      If only, winter were almost over

      If only, the wind gusting to 78 mph would stop

      If only, the temperatures would warm up

      If only, there were a glimmer of Spring somewhere

      If only. But alas, the wind has howled for days and whistled for nights

      The snow is still drifted and dirty and depressing

      There is nary a bud anywhere in sight - so enjoy your Zone 8 Spring

      While we suffer through at least 2 and a half months more of Winter!!

  9. What a cute little camper! Just the size I'd need. :)

  10. Be still, my heart: Camellias in bloom. So jealous! We're hitting a cold spell, and probably more snow, for the next couple of weeks. Keep those warm photos and thoughts going! ;-)

  11. That little camper is adorable! Since I'm currently in Cleveland, I can tell you that it is most definitely winter here. Since you tell me winter is over, I confess to being kind of curious as to what is happening in my own garden, though. Hope to go to the local Botanical Gardens tomorrow to see what looks good in the wintry surroundings. :)

  12. Winter is still hanging on here. It is supposed to snow tonight. It won't accumulate but snow is winter no matter how you look at it. That little bloom and the little camper does give one hope.

  13. I don't need to be told twice that winter is over. Hello spring!


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