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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Tacoma Home and Garden Show Part 2 Some Plants

Years ago, the home part of this show occupied the main part of the dome and the garden part filled the entire exhibition hall.  As interest or at least sales of plants declined, the garden/plant part of the show was moved into the main part of the dome with the home stuff.  In this year's vendor list, there was only one nursery listed, Mak Lilies and Perennials from Stayton, Oregon. This vendor has been doing the Tacoma show for eleven years.  B & D lilies retired from doing shows last year but they still have a great online catalog. 

They had lots of great bulbs and dormant perennials available.

I was prepared for them to be the only plant peddlers there but was surprised to see the big Plant Sale banner hung and tables of plants on display.

On closer inspection, these plants mostly came from T&L with a few from another grower.  I asked the person (someone I didn't recognize) working the space and was told that the show had brought these plants in. 

It's difficult for a nursery to bring a lot of plants in for a show, especially if they don't sell, because at the end of the event, they're stuck with a lot of merchandise with a limited shelf life to try and move.

It was nice to see beautiful plants but there was nothing really exceptional here.

The fellow working the show said that anything that didn't sell here would be going up to the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival next week.

Lewisias in bloom at this time of the year? 
January is a tough time for plant sales.  Many non-obsessed gardeners don't think of gardening until later in the year when they want to decorate their patios.and a lot of perennial plants are dormant at this time of the year.  The prices here were very reasonable.

Other vendors did try and include a bit of green like these planters by the cedar grove (compost/potting soil) display.

Father Nature Landscapes

And finally, Marenakos Rock Center always puts together a nice display to show off their large boulders.

Impressive that they don't rely on forced flowers to make a statement but instead utilize plants with great winter interest.

I like going to this show.  It can be done in a couple of hours and is not as crowded as the big show next week. To be fair, I went after work on the opening day of the show.  It's much busier on the weekend.  Stay tuned for a look at the vintage market, artist's row, and some garden ornaments/tools.


  1. Oh, those boulders! Be still my beating heart. That has to be one sturdy floor to hold that weight. A perfect display and they were right not to mess it up with flowers.

  2. Marenakos. Not a word that easily rolls off the tongue, but their displays are amazing. I highly recommend a trip to their rock center. It's bolder heaven, and they have a wonderful show room too.

  3. Marenakos does a great job with conifers and other evergreens. I was almost tempted to buy a peony at Mak, but decided to wait till the big show next week. I should go to this during the week too. The crowds on Saturday annoyed me, and being in an enclosed space, even one this big, with that many people at the height of flu season gives me the willies.

  4. Marenakos. Not a word that easily rolls off the tongue. I highly recommend a trip east on I-90 to visit their rock center. It's absolutely wonderful to see the huge rocks as the small pebbles. And a lovely show room to boot.

  5. At least the bulb purveyor is a regular attendee. Most nurseries were cut from our one and only spring garden show a couple of years ago by the organizers but they were invited back last year, presumably due to a hue and cry from visitors.

  6. Home and Garden shows don't interest me much. especially when there is very little "Garden". I do look forward to your pics of the vintage market. I wonder if it will be the same as the one next week at the NWFGF.

    1. The Tacoma Vintage Market are mostly local shops from Tacoma, The Flower And Garden Vintage Market are vendors from all over the state/s and about four times as big!

  7. I'm going to be interested to see what transpires at our San Francisco Garden show which has fallen into disrepair over the last few years and now promises a revival for 2018.There is a home and garden show in my city every year in May which is a complete joke unless you are really into smoothie machines, kettle corn, vita-veta-vegimin and twisty mops.

  8. I love lilies, Peter. Right now there is a large bouquet of lilies on my desk. In the garden they grow well, but not always, therefore looking at the colorful packages with lilies, I think before buying them. I often grow Asian varieties.

  9. Oh those boulders are fabulous. I would love to have a row of them along a path. The plants are perfect to show off the boulders. Those few blooms do brighten the day though.

  10. I appreciate this post because it helps to remind me to check my expectations for next week's show. Still I wouldn't miss it!


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