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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Garden of Peggy Walton

I truly love the Northwest Perennial Alliance Garden Open Days.  Each weekend from May through September, there is an array of gardens held open for members.  The Open Gardens Directory organizes the opens so that all of the gardens in a given date are in proximity to each other so that one can easily take in all of the gardens at a leisurely pace and enjoy chatting with their gardeners.  Back on the garden open road, let's take a peek at Peggy Walton's Garden in Kirkland.  

"When we built our house 20 years ago we retained many lovely older plants from the garden of the 1930's home that was originally on the property."

"Over the years we have creatively combined perennials, herbs, fruits and vegetables

(and a fairy garden for the grandchildren) that provide interesting views from every window."


"Although not a large property, we have many inviting places to sit and enjoy color and scent and an abundance of edibles in all seasons!"

Very inviting indeed!

A delightful view of  Lake Washington to boot.  

Peonies in bloom in July?  No, this garden was open during the first weekend of June.

Such a lovely rose. 

This interesting group of tiles was hanging on the fence.  
Thanks, Peggy, for opening your garden for us all to enjoy!  As an added bonus, just as we were leaving this garden, Linda and Tom (Linda Letters) drove up.  It's always a pleasure to run into blogging friends!  


  1. What great fencing and structures. Love the tiles; perhaps medieval images.

  2. You live in horticultural heaven!

  3. That is a pretty multicolored rose. Of course, I can't help wondering what they use their greenhouse for.

  4. So when you say..."The Open Gardens Directory organizes the opens so that all of the gardens in a given date are in proximity to each other..." do you mean they assign the dates that certain areas open?

    1. The submission form asks when you'd like to open your garden and asks if there's any flexibility in the date. Also asks if you know other members or potential members in your area who might be interested in opening around the same time. If no other members near you submit, the organizers call and see if there are any who'd be willing to do so. The result is that each weekend there are tour choices like Spring Beauties: Wallingford to Ravenna, Southern Duo, Spring Sunday on South Hill, Wonderful Whidbey Island: The June Tour, Northern Exposure, etc. Unfortunately, there are some really popular weekends kike July 1 & 2 when one has to choose among three areas. (Seattle, Yakima, or Southeast King County. Fortunately, many members open every year or two so you can choose to see gardens that are new to you. Also in the directory there is an icon with the word new next to any gardens that haven't opened before. Each garden is described by the gardener(s) and, if a picture is submitted, it's printed with the description. Directions to each garden are given and distances between gardens are listed so you can plan your day accordingly. Remind me next time we get together to give you a directory.

  5. This Garden is just gorgeous! The borders with Roses and Peonies are rapturous!

  6. I know those pink roses...I have them. We have one garden tour a yearlocally and it's always nice to see what others have created.

  7. Nice garden. It is great that they kept some of the history of the garden within. Love the tiles.

  8. We found much to admire in that garden.

  9. I also like to go to Open Garden Days.
    This garden looks like a dream! In my garden is still missing the pool, better yet a nature swimming pond and the glasshouse.

  10. Wonderful roses, and I love the brick and tile work.


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