Although this could very well be a picture of me finding a new treasure at a favorite nursery, it's actually an illustration by David Catrow for a children's book called Plantzilla.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Stopping by Tsugawa Nursery

Recently, while driving to  Portland to visit my pal and blogging goddess, Loree, I stopped in Woodland to visit Tsugawa Nursery.  If you travel Interstate 5 in the Woodland area, you've seen Tsugawa's sign from the freeway.

I arrived  shortly after they opened and had the whole place to myself for a little while. 

There's always something interesting to see at nurseries in the pacific northwest, most of which remain open year round.

Because of our mild climate, one can plant almost all year long.  

Does everyone love the ample and happy color in the high summer garden?

Forgot to plant zinnias yourself to fill in that area left blank by spring flowering bulbs?  Just grab a few and throw them in.  Lots of nurseries have sales on annuals this time of year.

I've been using Tradescantia pallida (the plant with purple leaves) with golds and oranges but it  looks very handsome with this vibrant pink pelargonium

 as well as with a screaming orange pelargonium. 

These wood chairs remind me of some that the talented Alan re-faced. I like his better because of their iron and wood combination but these are swell too.

All pots were on sale the week I visited.

Some options for shadier conditions. 

A winning combination for sun. 

So many agastaches so little garden space. 

Is there a pot of gold at the end of irrigation spray rainbows?

This woven aluminum (guessing) fencing is a perfect backdrop for bonsai.  I'm totally loving it. What do you think?  Would it be too much behind a perennial bed?

Tsugawa has a nice supply of water garden plants, and supplies.  Their demonstration water features are all done very nicely!

 I think the aluminum fencing plays well with the other elements here. 

Did you bring us food?

So much to see but it's almost time to head back out to the car and get back on the road to Portland.

With foliage this colorful, who needs flowers?

One last look back at Tsugawa before getting back on the road toward Danger town!


  1. Purple Heart-Setcreasea-Tradescantia, call it what you will plays well with others. You had photos a couple years ago of a couple with matching greenhouses. They had great draping wads of it in long containers, hanging down like a purple waterfall. I've seen that same treatment elsewhere.

  2. It's interesting, I love water garden and lotus, Peter.

  3. I stopped here once coming back from the Fall swap with Nigel, when it was on a Sunday. It's a great nursery. Looks like you had it all to yourself. I like the metal fence as a limited backdrop for the water feature, but in an entire garden it would be too overwhelming.

  4. That fence is perfect for you. You should totally do it. Unless you want to go to the steel scrap yard and find a fab remnant.

  5. "Danger town"...hahaha, I laughed out loud at that one. As for that woven metal fence I adore it. Tried to talk around into something similar here but got the big "no"...

  6. I think our sun is too hot for that fence in the Midwest. Seems like it would fry anything mear it.

  7. That metal fence is really interesting. It's been awhile since I've been to Tsugawa's and it wasn't there last time. I was just thinking about going that way soon.

  8. I *love* visiting empty nurseries! Was this your first visit? I'd love that metal fence, but think it would be most effective as a panel in a wooden fence. Thanks for the compliment btw. :)

  9. It is not too far from us. I have been once and plan to go back soon. They have a great selection but oh my gosh, the freeway noise was so distracting! They really need to put up a sound barrier. The next time you are in this area, let me know. Michael and I would love to meet you!

  10. I love agastaches but they don't seem to love me back:-)
    The metal fence is very cool and unique. It looks fantastic with the bonsai, but probably not fit just any garden.
    I was wondering about that Buddha statue... is he singing Karaoke?

  11. I agree with you, summer's flowers are happy colors. I like the fence…it is unusual but I wonder about the reflects from the sun, they could be annoying in certain locations.

  12. Here you are, visiting nurseries in my own neck of the woods in which I have never set foot. Intrepid you are, my friend.

  13. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study of the impact a visit from the OG has on nursery/garden center traffic in the PNW? They owe you a debt of gratitude, if not free plants and gift cards.

  14. "So many agastaches, so little garden space". I resemble that remark. :-)

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